5 DIY Jump Projects Under $20

Even if you are the least crafty person in the universe, you can turn your field of jumping dreams into reality. Carley Sparks shows us how.

From Carley:

When Martha Stewart does a DIY project, the result looks simple and picture-perfect. Then you find out there are 500 steps that require a bunch of tools you’ve never heard of, rare vintage materials only available in countryside antique shops and obscure ingredients you’re not sure even exist. Like unicorn tears.

The result is that by step 17 you’re ready to cry. And/or put a pencil in Martha’s eyeball. These are not those kinds of projects. Presenting DIY jumps so easy ANYONE COULD DO THEM. Even you…

1. DIY Barrel Jump

Two ways. One easy.

barrel jumpbarrels


Total cost: Liver damage from all the homemade wine. Or free! (When you pillage your neighbour’s homebrew stock.)

2. DIY Jump Rails

This tip is from John Mahlendorf at the Oakhill Farm, NY and is perhaps the most advance, based solely on the fact you need an electrical tool to do it. The difficulty ends there.

DIY-Jumping-Poles1 (1)

[John Mahlendorf]

With a table saw, cut 1 1/2 inches at a 45 degree angle off the corners of a 4″ by 4″. Bingo! Eight sided rail.

Total cost: $12

3. DIY Jump Cups

You know jump poles need? Jump cups. If you can string a chunky necklace, you can make this version.

Homemade jump cups


For added safety, cap the pin with an old squash ball on each end.

Total cost: Under $3

4. DIY Liverpool

Make your own liverpool. WITH A TARP.

DIY Liverpool


This tip is courtesy of Bridlewood Equestrian. And it requires an 8’x6′ tarp, two 7′ landscape poles and a heavy duty stapler.

To start, fold the tarp in half, slide one pole into the folded half and staple the tarp down. Roll the other pole with the open side of the tarp and staple. Then fold up the short ends up to form the side edges and staple again. Boom! You’ve got a lightweight liverpool that can be easily rolled to shorten the width or pack away in storage.

Total cost: $11

7. DIY Gate Jump

Repurpose an old pallet with paint.

pallet jump


Hook on jump cup. Done.

Total cost: old paint and your artistic ambitions.

Go riding!

Carley Sparks covers show jumping and related ridiculousness at getmyfix.org.


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