4 Unusual Uses for Hay Bales

Slightly dusty, slightly moldy, not green enough, too green…whatever, those bales are not good enough for our horses’ delicate palates.  Normally we toss them in the muck pile or use them as jump fillers, but perhaps we should get a little more creative.

1) Hay Bale Gardens by Resilient Communities

You can work your way up to Martha Stewart status even with the worst of soils by using this clever technique.  Note: Hipsters are all over this lately.  Just don’t ask about the urine.  Why did you look?!?  I warned you.

That hay bale greenhouse might have caught your eye…here’s the instructions.

This person even grew carrots.  Wasted bales that grow treats!?!  Double score!

Most of these DIY websites use straw bales, but I imagine undesirable horse hay could work just as well.  (This video states the only difference is that hay bales contain grass seeds so they tend to grow, well, grass but this site is much more opinionated on the matter.)

2) Hay Bale Forts with Being Somewhere

I seriously never grew out of the fort phase.  I love them and I love to make them.  Maybe it’s time to take it to the next level?

Yes to this.

3) Hay Art by Pickyourown.org

For the people who really want to go all out…  Why not build a hay bale ferris wheel?

Or dinosaur, maybe?

Perhaps your barn can reenact Three Little Pigs?

4) Event Seating by Rustic Wedding Chic

Hay bale, cloth…wallah!  Instant charm.  Do you have lots of leftover bales?  Contacting event planners might be your best bet for clearing the barn at a profit before this year’s fresh hay arrives.

Waste not, want not.

Go Riding!

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