How to Host a Horse-Warming Party

Just bought a new horse? Time to party.

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According to Miss Manners, the best thing to bring to a horse-warming party is a blanket (to warm the horse…womp womp wommmmp). That’s definitely a practical gift, but the possibilities are endless when you bring together the excitement of a new horse, barn buddies and enough beer to drink away the pain of being newly horse-poor.


[photo and review of 14 Hands wines by Jo-Anna @ A Pretty Life in the Suburbs]

Horses and humans agree–the most important part of any party is the food. No need to get fancy, though, since most of the partygoers will likely be sweaty and tired from their own rides–just have everyone go in on a pizza, or make it a potluck. But don’t forget some equine-themed libations–whether it’s 14 Hands wine for a new pony or “Two Buck Chuck” for new horses in training. Apple cider, whether alcoholic or not, is always an appropriate choice.

Now if you do feel like getting fancy with your food, Pinterest has no shortage of adorable snacks like haybale Rice Krispies:

[Kara’s Party Ideas]

And if you feel like being REALLY fancy, you could commission a cake of your new horse.


[Pinterest: Stephanie Pugh]

Or just make one yourself. Not recommended.

[Cake Wrecks]

Suggested Gifts

The majority of horse people aren’t made out of money, but there are plenty of inexpensive ways to welcome a new pasturemate.


  • Coupons for: trail riding dates,¬† hauling help, or whatever else the new horse mom or dad may need
  • Groom box stuffers: vet wrap, duct tape, bug spray (for horse and human), an extra leadrope…the list goes on. Basically anything that runs out or that you never remember to buy till you actually need it is always appreciated!
  • Cookies (for both horse and human)
  • Small personalized items like a key fob, bracelet¬† or stall nameplate
  • A small bucket makes the perfect “wrapping” for whatever gift you choose!

Party Games

Take bets on when the pair will first part company. Write down the guesses, and keep with the horse’s Coggins so as not to lose it. Whoever is closest wins a sweet treat of his or her choice from the new horse owner whenever the fall occurs.

What’s Your Horse Name? If the horse needs to be named, this is a no-brainer. If not, you can just have fun with this racehorse name generator to find out what your name would be if you were a horse.

Would You Rather. Ordinarily a game drunk college freshmen play to flirt with each other, Would You Rather can be adapted to all sorts of circumstances. It’s always interesting to find out how fellow barnmates tackle the tough issues of life.

  • Would you rather have a boot zipper break at a show, or forget your hairnets?
  • Would you rather lose your car keys or have your horse lose a shoe?
  • Would you rather retire your horse early, but keep him for the rest of his life, or compete in the Olympics but then have to sell him?
  • Would you rather take a clinic with Trainer A or Trainer B?
  • Would you rather deal with a bolt or a rear?
  • Would you rather switch disciplines (from equitation to jumpers, for example) or switch from English to Western (or vice versa)?
  • Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

You get the idea.

Have you ever had a horsewarming party? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Go Riding.


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