‘Oh Crap’ Moment of the Day: Reader Edition!

“Oh Crap” moments… everybody has them. Here are a few especially exceptional ones submitted by HN’s very own readers!

Top photo, from Katie Buxton: “Warming up for stadium/XC at a short course event, my Superman impression. Yes I fell, but we ended up finishing second! Though my ankle was massive once I took my boot off!”

From Aimee Towell: “My little OTTB is just learning about jumping. He did his first ever panel the other day like a champ. In my defense, he started to jump it normally, then noticed what it was and deer leaped the second half.”


From Ashley Farrington: ” knew I was about to leave too long to this jump and my face shows how unhappy I was about it…!

unnamed (4)

unnamed (8)

From Erin Riley: “Schooling my then 4-year-old American Warmblood mare last winter. This was just one of those ugly slide to a stop then jump straight up from a stand still jumps… I did NOT eat dirt though, lol.”

unnamed (9)

From Bri Ambrosic: “I just had to send this set of pictures in. This was my pony Mocha’s first beginner novice and she was very obviously not a fan of the water but a huge fan of jumping. Instead of going through, she decided to jump the entire complex. It failed. But I stayed on and we ran completely clean.”


unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

From Amanda Braun: “I was shooting as a photographer at a show in southern Illinois when about 85% of the riders had an issue at the water complex…  (Here is) a series of one of the riders doing their best to stay on.”





From Payton Tucker: “I’ve been working on the flat more than jumping lately but decided to have a little fun yesterday. So my horse Caly decides to jump the logs a little weird and overjumped them! As by my face you can tell I was like Oh Crap!!!”

unnamed (2)

From Savannah Jenne: “This is my ‘Oh, Crap. I still have to learn the course’  face (at my very first show).”


Thanks to everyone who shared — Horse Nation has the most shameless readers in the world, and we love them! If you’re going to be a horse person, you better pack a sense of humor. Have an “Oh Crap” video or photo that’s just TOO GOOD to keep to yourself? Email it to [email protected].

Go Riding!




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