10 MORE Horses With Crazy Facial Markings

You guys saw our post yesterday about unique facial markings and took it to the next level, submitting photos of your own horses’ one-of-a-kind mugs.

Top photo: “Callie,” owned by Cassandra McCowan.

10246688_10200993299353696_6642970949786803639_n (1)

Jan Makens’ APHA.


From Jan Makens: “And the other side…(one side Overo, the other Tobiano.)”


From Emily Brooks: “Here’s one of my horses crazy facial marking, her gray hairs just haven’t caught up, but it gives her a nice reverse blaze.”


From Emily Books: “Here is in my other horse. I bet you can’t guess what his nickname is.”

10341454_789865994365160_2191491256656691490_n (1)

From Jackie Gibbons Wammock: “This is a Holsteiner show jumper I owned, he is now nearly white but the marking remains.”


From Stacey Kimmel-Smith, author of the blog “Behind the Bit” (www.behindthebitblog.com)


From Stacey Kimmel-Smith: “How the (above) markings grew out.”


From Meghan Varney: “My pony when I was younger: Browsin’ Around.”


From Janneke Gnodde: “My recently born Shetland Pony.”


From Cindy Hinojosa: “I love the facial markings on my mustang mare.”


From Addie Wetteland: “My old horse, Gent (Painted Dynamite), had a stingray on his forehead .”

Go Riding!


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