Best of Craigslist: ‘3 year old horse needs a good home’

Public service announcement: This is NOT an appropriate example of how to tie up your horse.

Our lead-off ad was sent to us by Shaelyn B., who writes, “At least they admit they are not ‘equipped to take care of him.'” You can say that again!

3 year old horse needs a good home (Henryetta)

This is Joker he is about 3 years old. He needs a good home. We are not equipped to take care of him. He has not been cut nor has he been broke. I know horses are not worth much right now so please Make me an offer and give him a good home Located in Henryetta. Email me at.


From Megan B., who observes, “They’re pretty over these minis, aren’t they?”

Miniature horses – $100

I have two miniature horses that I need to get rid of. Both are mares that have never been bred. Both are a sort of dapple grey/ brown, but one turns almost full grey in summer and the other stays more brown. They were given to me and I have never had a chance to do much with them. Both are halter broke, but still obnoxious to try to lead. I have had a saddle on both and ridden both, but that’s about it. I was going to turn them into a little team but don’t have time. Right now they just stand around and eat hay. I am moving and will have no place for them. Come and get them


From Shawna W.: “We are assured — he’s not a retard, he’s a pack horse! Phew!”

American Quarter Packhorse (Hinckley)

I have aquired 3 horses, and 2 need to go. I hopped on this stallion, and the thing wouldn’t move. I honestly thought he was just “special.” I then found out that he is not retarded, but he is trained to be a packhorse. The colt is bout a year and a half old, and the only thing you can do there is hook a lead to it. The stallion is the father to the colt, but we are keeping the mare…I was also told that these are American Quarter Horses. Beautiful Animals but I dont know much about them. Best offer gets both or the one you want.


And… from Natalie E.: “Classic example of someone with no knowledge of horses whatsoever, and probably doesn’t know how to ride either…LOL.”

need a horse to move forward with

Dose not have to be a gyspy vanner. All I’m looking for is a nice sweet horse. Age 1 to 15. Height 13h to 19h. For sale the Price free to 400. For shareboared free to 400 month. Lease free to 300 month. Dose not have to be very. I’m looking for a mare or gelding and if possible a stud if cheap enough. Email is the best way to contact. Could be registered or not. Can be trained or not. I would like a horse that would be able to be able to trail,rein,barrel,jump,cross country not all pof them but one. Or I can train it. Don’t call me or text me right now my phone I broken. Thank you.

Wow. Readers, if you run across an “interesting” ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows–maybe you’ll help connect a horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.




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