Horse vs. Human: 13 Interpretations of Everyday Objects

From 15 or 16 hands up, the world looks a little different.

[Top image: Google Play]

Being flight animals, horses’ reactions to daily life are sometimes more reminiscent of an alien who just landed on a hostile planet than an animal that’s had its entire life to get used to how things work. For example…

[Flickr user lostinfog /CC 2.0]

Human: Tarp.

Horse: What. Is. This. Crinkly…shiny…OH MY GOD IT MOVED. GET AWAY GET AWAY!


[Wikimedia Commons: BLW/CC]

Human: Grooming kit.

Horse: Possible food container. Best to scatter contents to find out.


[Wikimedia Commons:Dagur Brynjólfsson/CC]

Human: Plastic bag.

Horse: Ghost.


[© David Martin and licensed for reuse /CC]

Human: Shadows.

Horse: Ghosts.

Human: Wind moving through trees, which it doesn’t even make sense to spook at considering horses live outside.

Horse: DEFINITELY ghosts.


[Horse Hero]

Human: Trailer

Horse: Death cave


[Wikimedia Commons:dora1977]

Human: Fence.

Horse: Sweet, sweet relief from this cruel world…

[Bad Eventer]

Human: Nice, easy vertical

Horse: The kind of jump that’s easier to go through than over.


Human: Hard-earned cash.

Horse: Snack.

[Wikimedia Commons: Kenneth Allen/CC]

Human: Puddle of water on the trail

Horse: Possibly deadly quicksand lagoon


[CBC Sporthorses]

Human: Paddock gate

Horse: Butt scratcher



Human: Body clippers

Horse: Suspiciously buzzing insect



Human: My snack.

Horse: MY snack.


Go Riding!


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