Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks

Two Fleeceworks-sponsored riders we’ll be cheering especially loudly for this weekend: Jen McFall and and Caitlin Silliman.

Top: Jen McFall and High Times looking polished and ready to rumble at the jog yesterday. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Caitlin and Catch A Star made their Rolex debut last year and have returned in search of a rematch, as one small blip in an otherwise foot-perfect cross-country kept them from having a clear round.


Caitlyn and Catch A Star. Photo by Abbie Golden.

Jen and High Times are Rolex rookies, but they’re in top form and very capable of turning in a solid performance at their first four-star event.


Jennifer Mcfall riding High Times at Copper Meadows. Photo by Bill Olson.

Both will be competing this weekend in Fleeceworks Square Pads with Perfect Balance Technology.

The pads are available in dressage, cross-country and show jumping styles. All feature sheepskin underneath with the ability to use any of Fleeceworks’ foam or wool felt inserts for maximum fit and comfort. The pads are sheepskin lined along all the points of the saddle and have the ability to use any of the Fleeceworks Memory Foam or Wool Inserts.

Caitlin began using Fleeceworks pads after her mare was left with third-degree burns over much of her body after a freak barn fire in May of 2011. She discussed the role Fleeceworks played in an interview with Sidelines magazine:

“I wanted a fleece half pad to put under the saddle pad, but most half pads do not have fleece all the way down the spine,” Caitlin explained. “I had an old Fleeceworks pad, probably one of the first sheepskin pads they made and one of the first pads I bought when I was 10 or 11. It had sheepskin all the way down the spine. That Fleeceworks pad was the only reason why I was able to ride her and bring her back into work.”

Jen got her first Fleeceworks pad at Rolex last year and has been a believer in the product ever since. She explains,

“I headed up to the trade fair where I encountered Fleeceworks and decided to give them a try. After speaking with the sales rep about my horse’s slightly longer back and chronic pain, I purchased the FXK Half Pad that provides relief for the withers and spine with its patented elastic design. She also suggested that I use the pad under my square pad for added benefit, which I did for the remainder of the week.Typically, my horse has had tension and pain in his back related to training, plaguing him mostly after intense dressage workouts. With the Fleeceworks FXK Half Pad DIRECTLY on his back, his improvement was obvious. Throughout his rigorous training at Buckwampum and also through competition at Jersey, his back remained relaxed and pliable, with a noticeable improvement in his temperament as well. He went on the be the Highest Placed West Coast Horse at the Jersey Fresh CCI*** and in the Top Ten with a California product to thank for his healthy and happy back.”


Fleeceworks Dressage Square Pad With Perfect Balance Technology


Fleeceworks Cross-country Square Pad With Perfect Balance Technology


Fleeceworks All Purpose/Close Contact Square Pad With Perfect Balance Technology

Are you Rolex bound? Keep an eye out for Fleeceworks at the Trade Fair! Go Caitlin and Jen, Go Fleeceworks, and Go Eventing.


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