‘We Don’t Have Tack for That,’ Presented by ThinLine

What would your horse do if you cantered him down to a jump with a big, purple, furry monster underneath it?

Recently during my Internet travels, I stumbled upon some of the most terrifying jump fillers on the face of the planet. The company is called Jump 4 Joy, and they’re known for manufacturing some absolutely spectacular obstacles — works of art, really. From UK-inspired wings…

TelephoneBoxWing_phone box small

… to jumps that appear to have been plucked straight out of wonderland…


…a course by Jump 4 Joy is a dreamscape of equestrian whimsy.

But sometimes, SOMETIMES….

HangingLipsFiller_lips small

…. that dream turns into a nightmare.

Among the most insane imaginative jumps in their collection are their line of “skinny fillers.” A sampling of the most creative designs:

beach ball

disco ball

happy face

rubiks cube multi

rubiks mirror

cd shimmer

paint pots

pink duck

pink furry monster

purple  furry cheeky monster

Um, yeah, my horse isn’t going anywhere near ANY of those (especially not that last one). How would your horse react?

ThinLine pads may not give your horse the bravery needed to jump a purple monster, but they WILL keep you and your horse performing at your best. ThinLine pads use non-compression technology to dissipate impact and pressure, creating a more comfortable riding experience for you and your horse.


Check out ThinLine’s complete line of shock-absorbing saddle pads and other products for horse and rider, including

saddles, horse boots,

hoof pads, tack and more. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter as well!

Go ThinLine, and Go Riding!



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