Back on Track ‘Horse Therapy’: Allison & Moo

Allison Rowley suffers from terrible headaches that sometimes make it hard for her to get out of bed in the morning. But magically, when she’s in the saddle, the pain lifts.

How have horses helped you get “Back on Track”? Horse Nation readers share their stories.

From Allison:

Since September of last year, my head has constantly been pounding. For some reason, not yet medically found, I’ve been suffering from extreme headaches, back, neck and abdominal pain that makes it hard to get up some mornings. Going through the school day only increases the pain and leaves me wanting to roll up into a ball and never emerge again.

Yet, when I step into the barn, no matter how much my head is throbbing or how awfully my back hurts, my spirit gets lighter. My QH X Clydes named Mariah but more commonly called Moo has been the thing that helps me through it all. Even when I can’t ride due to the nausea that can follow the pain, just having her snuffle my pockets for treats makes it worthwhile. Everyday when I do climb up into that saddle, it proves to me that this health setback hasn’t stopped me, especially when I am able to have some of the most amazing rides with Mariah that we’ve ever achieved.

But aside from the rides, it’s the moments where I’m near tears from the pain and all of a sudden, I get a pony hug, a trick taught winters ago, that makes my day a little brighter. It’s the time when I was so broken down, that I sat of her back and just cried for an hour while she ate her hay, constantly looking back to check in on me and wouldn’t let me be alone with my sadness. When I just feel so tired, tired of pushing through it, tired of feeling broken, nothing can make me feel better than when my horse comes trotting up to me in the pasture, always snuffling for a carrot and looking for an ear scratch. I may be broken physically but nothing can break my relationship with Moo.


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