The Wall Street Journal Hates Horse People. Or something.

Normally, when equestrians make the mainstream news, it’s cause for celebration. If there is one thing that horse sport needs to grow, it’s public awareness. But when the Wall Street Journal does it, it’s as though someone in the editorial division is determined to reinforce every negative stereotype ever invented about horse people.

And they’re doing a really good job of it.

Based on their equine-related coverage in the last four months, we can conclude:

Horse people are a bunch of drama queens, fighting tooth and manicured nail over matters so trivial “normal” people haven’t even heard of them.

What the Hay? ‘Barn Drama’ Puts Riders on Their High Horses” tells us:

“The setup of a boarding barn almost guarantees unstable behavior: Take a group of passionate, opinionated individualists. (Riding, a solo activity, doesn’t attract “team players.”) Give them a consuming hobby centered on a delicate, expensive living creature. Put them in close quarters, often with children and dogs that run amok, spooking the horses, and let the backbiting begin.”

This makes perfect sense because normally when people share a facility of any type not related to horses, it’s all peace, love, and rainbows as we strive for the greater good. Human nature is just hard wired that way.

And/or kooky ladies divorced from reality.

Forget the Barn, This Horse Lives Inside a House” is a photo essay of a woman who has a horse for a roommate. IN HER HOME. Horse people are nothing if not well adjusted.

Carsten Rehder:Getty Images

Ms. Arndt offers Nasar some juice.

[Wall Street Journal/Getty Images]

Equestrian sport kills good people.

Philanthropist Dies After Fall from Horse in Fla” documents the unfortunate riding accident that claimed the life of Anne Heyman. She was a former New York City assistant district attorney, avid equestrian, and mother too. Those titles just didn’t make the headline.

It’s also the bane of small children.

So we gather from the headline “Horse Bolts, Tramples 1-Year-Old NY Amish Girl.” Translation: Horses are cruel and dangerous monsters out to destroy the weakest among us!

To top it all off, our four-legged friends live better than your family.

Horse Centric Homes on the Market” (for under $10M).

9.25 M Horse barn

[Wall Street Journal/Thomas Anckner]


Horse Farm in Connecticut Asks $55 Million

Like most stereotypes, all those ideas are rooted in partial truths. The Wall Street Journal missed an important one, though. When it comes to their horses, horse people are like Tom…

Be like tom

Go riding!

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