Best of Craigslist: ‘Horse hay feeder – $250’

I mean, why not? Reader Desi, who sent us this ad, writes, “It’s actually quite creative.” Much more where that came from!

Horse hay feeder – $250

Heavy duty plastic horse hay feeder. The wife was going to buy one of those $600 plastic hay feeders when I came up with this idea. I bought the house, modified it to make the windows bigger & custom built a pallet base to keep the hay off the ground. Up to five or six horses can eat at the same time & they don’t scatter the hay as bad as with hay rings. I had the metal rings before and know how much hay you loose due to weather & due to the horses scattering. Since it has a roof it also keeps the hay dry. One adult can move this. I put it out every winter for the horses, then put it back in the barn come Spring. (hay feeder sits on pallet base but is not fastened to it. Custom Pallet base has some raised braces that keep the feeder on the pallet through wind or the horses bumping / pushing it) Includes the pallet base


Victoria S. sent us this one, which is actually a product description from retailer She writes, “Halfway through the product summary on this brush the ‘reviewer’ gets a little confused.”

Silky Face Brush

Silky Face Brush is made from soft pig hair and comes with an easy-to-hold solid wood backing. This Face Brush is medium in size for everyday grooming. The Silky Face Brush is an indispensable brush that blends effortlessly for smooth, even foundation application. This face brush is a great buy for keeping the face of your horse clean and soft. $5.39



Natalie E. sent us this one with the note, “Even though the ad title and the ad itself is not misleading, nor is written poorly, it did however make me giggle and brought a smile to my face.”

Kid Jump – Horse Jump Downsized for Kids – $25 (Algonquin)

My daughter is a horse girl. She is so into horses that she used to think she was a horse.
So she would walk, trot, canter, gallop around all the time.
This miniature horse jump was perfect for her to pretend she was in a jumper class competition.
5 feet wide, 4 feet tall
2 posts, 1 rail and 1 fence



Not ANOTHER genital horse! NOOOOOO!!!!

ISO Free Horse Care/Lease

I am looking for a free lease from June-September. I am looking for a kid friendly horse, no biting, kicking, or bucking. Just a genital mare or gelding. I have a 10 year old daughter who is wanting to experience having a horse. It is more to prove to me that she can care for a horse before I purchase one. If the horse is a perfect match we would be willing to keep it longer even passably through the winter. We will feed, deworm, hoof trim, and clean the horse. We live in Granite Falls on 5 acres that is fenced in with livestock fence no barbed wire. We do have other animals, but the horse will have its own small pasture. If you are interested in this partnership please let me know.


And, bonus! This video, a friendly reminder to “not post stupid $h!t on the Trading Post” (or Craigslist, or wherever). Words to live by: “Nut up, shut up, think before you post!” Many thanks to Heather B. for sending this one our way! You need to be logged into Facebook to view; click here for the direct link.

Wow. Readers, if you run across an “interesting” ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows–maybe you’ll help connect a horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.


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