11 Life Lessons from Your Horse

If there is one source you can trust for honest feedback and no-nonsense advice, it’s a horse. After all, they didn’t make it through 50 million years of evolution for nothing. Watch and let the learning begin…

[Top photo by drawception]

1. It’s always a good time for a snack.

Small meals throughout the day keep hunger at bay. It’s science.



2. Be forever curious.

The world is a wild and wondrous place. You just never know what’s around the corner.



3. Help your friends out.

Scratch your friend’s back and he’ll scratch yours. Literally. He’ll get the hard to reach spot between your shoulders.


[Equinox Horse]

4. Stay well hydrated.

Nothing is more refreshing than water. NOTHING.

anderson hay provides hay for horses

[Anderson Hay]

5. When you’re finished eating, clean your bowl.

That way you won’t have to do it later.


[Reining Horse Today]

6. Every once and while, you need to kick up your heels and just let loose.

You’ll know the moment when it comes.

Frisky horse


7. Always be well groomed.

Look good. Feel better. Twenty minutes a day is all it takes.


[Discover Horses]

8. Eat your veggies.

Delicious and nutritious. They same applies to fruit.


[Pleated Jeans]

9. Set aside time for your friends.

Hanging with your crew is time well wasted.



10. But don’t spend it on those undeserving of you affection.

You know who they are.


[Jpereira@Wikimedia Commons]

11. Unwind when you need to.

Relax! Everyone needs down time.


[Horse and Man]

Go riding!

Carley Sparks covers show jumping and related ridiculousness at getmyfix.org.


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