Best of Craigslist: ‘APHA Gilding – $2’

Dear seller: It’s nice that you included photos with your for-sale ad. But couldn’t you come up with something more recent than a photo from nine years ago?

Many thanks to reader Cindy N. for the find:

APHA Gilding – $2

We have Paint Stock Gilding 6yr oid Green Top Side Alcoa Dam Tuffers Cutie Cinder $1.500



Another one from Cindy N. She writes, “This ‘stallion stud’ will be difficult to catch.”

stallion stud – $350

My uncles got a stallion he like to sell he’s 5 years old. Hasn’t been ridden in bout 2 years 16 hands



Kelly S. sent us this one with the note, “Clearly, the first place I would look for a race horse would be Craigslist, and clearly the racehorse I would want would be a 5 year old that still ‘holds his maiden.’ Other than that, looks to be a really attractive horse… although you can only see half of him.”

5 yr old TB race horse – $3000

Still holds his maiden and is 100 % sound bring your vet!!!
. Huge good looking Grey. Ran last summer in Denver
$3000 or best offer



Stacie sent us these two, which were clearly posted by the same person: “Two ads, same horse… wants parrots, dogs or 1 or more gentle tame horses…”

Trained Arabian Horse Trade For Parrot’s (Placerville)

I have Well Trained Purebred Arabian Gelding 7 Year’s Old W/Shot’s & Paper’s. Has A Bay Coat Color With Diamond on head. I would like to trade him for Parrot’s I love all type’s of Parrot’s. Please Call or Text me for more info. Thank You.


Trained Arabian Horse Trade For Dog’s (Placerville)

I have a Well Trained Purebred Arabian Gelding 7 Years Old W/ Shot’s & Paper’s Coat Color is Bay and Diamond on head. Medium to Advance Rider’s. I would like to trade him ether for 2 or more Well Trained German Shepherd’s & 1 or more Tame Gentle horse’s. Please Call or Text for more info. Thank You.


Wow. Readers, if you run across an “interesting” ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows–maybe you’ll help connect an unwanted horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.



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