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The last thing you want to happen on a jump course is for your saddle to start slipping off to the side. See how this rider manages to not only stay aboard, but win her class!

Here’s the scenario: The rider is turning and burning around a 1.05-meter open speed class on her sister’s horse Winnie, a 6-year-old 14.1-hand Connemara x TB mare. She loses her stirrup at jump #4, and  by #6 her saddle is beginning to slip off to the side. By the end the saddle had slipped completely around, but since the rider didn’t fall often until AFTER she crossed the finish line, they won!

The rider commented on her video, “Winnie is an absolute ANGEL — I don’t know any other ponies who would jump clear round a course that big with a saddle hanging off her tummy. She is so honest and careful, an absolute gem. She really is a fantastic pony!”

You’ve got to watch!


That was some scrappy riding! Next time, though, I bet she’ll be reaching for a little anti-slippage insurance in the form of a pad like the Ovation Non-Slip Antibacterial Under Pad. Ideal for all riding disciplines, the pad is made of a special material that is perforated for breathability and possesses antibacterial properties. The pad can be used whole or cut down to match the dimensions of the saddle pad.


Other options include the Ovation Silicone Anti-Slip Pad, made from a perforated silicone gel that provides lightweight comfort and excellent grip:


And the Ovation Silicone Anti-Slip Pad with Sheepskin Edges: The withers and edges around the cantle area are covered in plush natural sheepskin for added comfort. No more slipping saddles or sore backs!


Check out Ovation’s complete product line here.

Go Ovation, and Go Riding!

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