Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks

What if, instead of having to dismount to adjust jumps, you could raise or lower them with a remote control? The future is NOW.

Fleeceworks shared this video on its Facebook page yesterday, which was brought to their attention by Fleeceworks team showjumping rider Suzie Hutchinson:


It’s like a garage door opener, but for jumps! Amazing. I need THAT. More about the Swiss Up system here.

Innovation is a beautiful thing, especially when it equals an improved riding experience for ourselves and our horses. Fleeceworks’ Perfect Balance Technology is on the cutting edge of modern saddle fitting innovation, using removable inserts to restore your saddle’s perfect balance. The combination of the pure Australian Sheepskin, the option of three different insert materials and the Patent Pending design make the Perfect Balance Pad an essential piece of equipment in top barns.


Top riders have already caught on to the benefits of Perfect Balance Technology:


Go Fleeceworks, and Go Riding!




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