4 Volunteer Opportunities That Will Change Your Life

Whether you’re searching for a gap year program or just a vacation that means more this year, check out these four awesome destinations.

Projects Abroad offers the unique chance to live and work in Mongolia.  The minimum stay is two weeks and costs start around $2,124 without airfare.

“Volunteers live with a family in large round tents known as Gers which are surprisingly cozy and comfortable. Your daily life may include riding horses to move herds of yaks or cattle, caring for livestock, helping to produce dairy products such as butter and cheese and maybe teaching a little English. It is a great way to learn more about this ancient way of life and how it is being affected by modern-day Mongolia. In exchange for helping with the animals or playing with the children, your host family will fully involve you in their domestic life.”

African Conservation Experience combines horseback riding with wildlife conservation.  Again there is a two week minimum stay and costs start at $3,020 without airfare.

“Set on a vast reserve in the rugged and wild bushland of the Limpopo Province of South Africa, from horseback, you will assist in the habituation of white rhino and disease free buffalo. The sensitivity of the horse makes them ideal partners in traversing the bush and  reserve management, ensuring game are less stressed and by nature alerting you to young and elusive animals.”

Fronteering offers volunteers the experience of a working ranch on the savannah of Guyana.  The minimum volunteer time for this one is 4 weeks at a cost of $1,995 without airfare or meals.  Participants should remember that this is a working ranch…that means 8 hour days and lots of sweat.

“The ranch you will be working with currently has about 15 horses, all of which are used to work the cattle and need regular feed and care. The horses are important for ranch work but are also an opportunity for the family to take potential paying guests out into the savannah.”

With Projects Abroad you could participate in equine-based therapy for children in Bolivia.  The  minimum stay is two weeks and prices starts at $1,780 without airfare.

“Volunteers work with the Escuela de Equinoterapia Cochabamba, which started in 1992 with the aim of helping disabled children both emotionally, physically and mentally. The centre works with over 80 children from all different backgrounds. In addition to working with disabled children they also receive children from the streets and children with drug addictions.”

Go Riding!


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