10 Compromises You Need to Make as a Rider

How do you balance riding with life?

As we all know, horses are expensive and time-consuming–sometimes to the detriment of your human relationships (though really, who cares about those?). In order to keep your relationships healthy, you may have to find a middle ground with family, significant others, and all manner of people not infected with the horse bug. But compromise is never easy. Here are a few ways you can get started.

If I can skip school on Friday, I’ll do my homework at the horse show.


[Flickr: Five Furlongs]

If I clean the tack room, will you clean the kitchen?


[Flickr: Becky F]

If I get back from the barn within an hour of when I said I would, we’re good, right?


[© Copyright Mat Fascione and licensed for reuse under Creative Commons]

If we just walk can I start riding again earlier?


[Wikimedia Commons: NIH]

 If you’re heading to the bar, I’m heading to the tack shop.


And the ultimate…

If you let me get a horse, I’ll never ask for anything again.

Sometimes, you also have to compromise at the barn. Whether it’s with fellow boarders…

I’ll video your ride if you video mine!


[Flickr: Gisela Gisardino]


Just name the number of stalls it’s going to take for a lesson.

muck stalls 2

[Bad Eventer]


Let’s just call this lesson a freebie.



Or even your horse…

Let’s just try this just one more time and you can be done.


[Flickr: nikoretro]

Somehow it seems a lot more equitable…

Go Riding!

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