10 ‘Secrets’ to Sit the Trot

Don’t know how to sit the trot? Never fear, the Internet is here.


[Wikimedia Commons: Nikki Tate]

For some, sitting the trot is a mystical ability that it seems like other people are just born with. How in the world are you supposed to avoid bouncing, keep your hands quiet, use your legs, and steer at the same time?

Newsflash: As with anything else involving horses, sitting the trot properly comes from slow, steady progress and practice. And, as with anything involving horses, there are a TON of people on the Internet telling you how it should be done…whether they actually explain anything well is up for debate, but you have to admit it is good entertainment.

Pretend you are on a bicycle pedaling backwards.


This might help.

[DesignBoom, Eungi Kim]

Pretend your midsection is jello.


Don’t let this be you.


Sit BACK with good posture like yer meet’n da president (sic)

Go side to side and back to front.


Don’t just plant your butt on the saddle seat.


Sit heavy like a sack of potatoes.

Think of swinging the horse’s back into your hands with your hip.

Yes, but HOW?


Think of lifting the horse’s back with your hips with each stride.

Let the rolling ball of energy in your core do the work!

My what?

Wrap your legs around the horse like wet noodles.


Yeah…I think you might just be better off taking some lessons.

Go Riding!


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