Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks

You’ve GOT to watch this video of an adorable little donkey named Pickles that comes running when he thinks he’s found a human who speaks his language.

Reader Hannah Reinke sent it our way, explaining, “This is a video of my brother-in-law (city boy from Santiago, Chile), calling to our miniature donkey, Pickles. Pickles comes galloping so enthusiastically!” It’s like he can’t believe he finally finally found a human who speaks his language.

We know how Fleeceworks loves its little donkeys, so this one goes out to you!

[Hannah Reinke]


Have you ever wondered about the story behind the two Fleeceworks donkeys you see here every Thursday morning?

Meet Bobbi and Izzy. When these out-of-work war donkeys were ready for a second career, they landed a gig as Fleeceworks’ newest supermodels.

Here, they’re modeling Fleeceworks’ Australian Merino Sheepskin Halter Fleeces, ideal for any equid who deserves a little luxury on the road. Wearing them, your horse is sure to show up at its destination without any unsightly, uncomfortable rubs.

The sets come in 4, 6 or 9 piece in cream, white, natural and brown.

Fleeceworks offers a whole range of accessories for the delicate skinned horse in your life, including hackamore covers, cribbing collar covers, noseband and crownpiece covers, breastcollar covers and shadow rolls. Be sure to visit to view their entire catalog.

Go Fleeceworks, go donkeys, and Go Riding!

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