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Pop quiz: Do you know how many gallons of water a horse needs to drink each day?

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Answer, according to the Louisiana State University Equine Hospital:

An adult horse should drink approximately 30 mls per pound per day, which would equate to approximately 6 to 8 gallons per day for a 1,000 pound horse. Horses in intense exercise, those that sweat excessively or mares that are lactating will require more water.

That’s between one and two 20-liter buckets.


Worried that your horse isn’t drinking enough water?


From weather changes, to minor illnesses, to trailer and traveling stress, there are many reasons you’ll have a horse refuse to drink sufficiently. Yet, being fully hydrated is the first line of defense against minor issues becoming major, and a great way to make sure your horses are ready to perform optimally in competition, or just enjoy a trail ride. Now, whenever you need to, you can entice your horse to drink a bucketful of water, simply by adding a handful of Horse Quencher.

Horse Quencher is a mix of all natural grains and flavorings that, when added to water, make horses eagerly drink. You’ll find Horse Quencher especially helpful for travel, competitions, cold weather and illnesses, and also great to pair with electrolytes to aid in recovery after exercise. And, since it’s made of all-natural ingredients found in most horse feeds, you can be sure Horse Quencher is safe for competition.

Here’s how it works:


And it really DOES work–let me tell you! My own horse and I are on the road for training and shows all the time, and it can be difficult to convince him to drink enough water away from home. Getting electrolytes into him? Forget about it. It’s worrisome, especially since I live in the hot, humid south–I had a horse colic because of dehydration at an event once, and it was a terrifying experience I hope to never repeat. With Horse Quencher, though, I don’t have to worry. Available in four different flavors–apple, peppermint, butterscotch and root beer–a handful of the stuff is enough to convince even the most reluctant drinker to stay hydrated.

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Available in three sizes: Single Serving Packet, 25-Serving Pouch (3.5 pounds) and 144-Serving Bucket (20 pounds)

There are tons of testimonials on the Horse Quencher website, like this one from international driving champion Chester Weber:


Go Horse Quencher, and Go Riding!


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