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Do you know what the difference is between a hunter shadbelly and a dressage shadbelly? Click here to find out!

The answer:

  • Dressage shads have weighted or leather-lined tails so they hang straight; hunter tails are made of fabric that may stream out behind the rider over a fence.
  • Dressage shads may be more fitted through the shoulders than hunter shads, which have a little more “give” to allow for release over fences.
  • Dressage shads have six gold or silver buttons; hunter shads have six self-colored buttons.
  • Dressage shads are traditionally solid black or navy with canary tips; hunter shads are a conservative color but the tips may be a variety of colors that coordinate with the lining of the jacket.
  • Dressage shad tails are longer, approximately reaching the back of the rider’s knee; hunter shads are shorter.

Looking for a well-made, affordable dressage shadbelly?

Ovation┬« Ladies’ Dressage Shadbelly

Woven polyester fabric and machine washable. The Ovation® Ladies Dressage Shadbelly is a beautifully tailored, easy-to-care for woven polyester fabric shadbelly. Lined tails, gold points. Retail price: $299.99


Go Ovation, and Go Riding!


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