Best of Craigslist: ‘Trainers Proving Ground!’

Some Craigslist ads are funny. Some are sad. And some, like this one, strike terror in the soul.

Props to reader Andrea G. for finding this ad for what she generously describes as “a good fun, ummm, ‘project’ horse.”

Trainers Proving Ground! Check this appy out (Texoma)

To the trainers out there that need an awesome opportunity to prove their mettle and true affinity for training ANY horse, have I got the project for you. “Colt” is a 2005 loud colored appaloosa gelding with some serious behavioral issues. he has been spoiled since birth and now is aggressive to the point that to be in any type of enclosure (25 acre pasture, stall, round pen, etc) with him you have to have a barrel or some other “safe” object in the middle to protect yourself. when using discipline on him watch out! he disciplines back! he has no respect for (and will lash out in kind) hands, feet, whips, lead ropes, sticks, brooms or any other medium you might choose. he has tried to kill farriers but stands fine for shots and will stand tied. is also good for baths since he loves water. once you’re on top of him he will reach around to bite you but there’s no buck/rear there. really it’s the safest place to be when dealing with him. we think he would be ideal for a trainer that is interested in making some training videos on how to deal with the non ideal horse. if you’re looking for something more challenging than “how to train your horse to side pass,” Colt is going to be your ultimate test. he’s a smart little thing, we think he might be one of those “beware on the ground but he’ll work all day long under saddle” kind of guys, he’s built like a tank. shoot me an email and let’s see what we can get worked out.


But wait, there’s more! Here’s one for a “soundproof” gelding from reader Jean S.

Gorgeous Chestnut Gelding *9 Years Old*

I have a 9 year old chestnut gelding! This horse is SOUNDPROOF! nothing scares this big guy at all! We ride him by the Highway all the time with 50+mph vehicles passing! We also have even rode him to sonic! He is about 15.3 hands, Stands quiet while tied and with the farrier!, Saddles and Bridles very easy.Picks up all 4 feet easy! This horse LOVESSS cows! The only reason we’re selling him is because he won’t do anything with play day events! (barrels,poles,etc) He has the speed though! He’s fine with being in a arena. We’ve took him sorting classes and team penning and did absolutely great for his first time!! He is barefoot and barely really never needs his feet trimmed at all! They’re always in great condition. We ride him also in parades with decorations and doesn’t seem to bother him one bit! He’s current on all worming and coggins test (test is negative) This horse has a GREAT stop on him and also a very good neck rein. He’s a very good trail horse also and loves the water! Just walks right into! Also rides bareback in halter… He mainly rides in spurs but you barely have to use them and he goes.


A couple more for good measure:

well broke gaited horse

Racking mare 15hh traffic/dog safe. Any one who can sit on her can ride. Has been trail and wagon train ridden. New shoes ready to ride Good Home Only




great miniature horse – $600 (bean station )

I have a great miniature horse any kid can ride my little boy is 5 & he rides him every day you don’t have the lead him you just put a bit in his mouth and a saddle on his back and let him go


Wow. Readers, if you run across an “interesting” Craigslist ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows–maybe you’ll help connect an unwanted horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.



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