Best of Craigslist: ‘trade for horse or tack or…’

Yep, that’s the headline of a real ad from a real person who really wants to trade his parrots for a horse, or whatever. PLUS! “Mayors,” a “hot little fireball,” an epic halter fail and more!

trade for horse or tack or…

I have two yellow naped amazon parrots to trade. They both need worked with, one more than the other. They talk and whistle. Birds only, no cage. I’m looking for a broke horse with tack, or maybe other offers as well. Email with offers. Thanks



Good luck with that. From Lauren S., who writes, “I guess the hubby put the halter on!”

Kid Friendly Pony For Sale! – $350 (Pleasent Grove Area)

Cute,sweet kid friendly pony for sale. Call for more info.



Amber O. sent us this one. Great photo!

Horses !!!Black stallion and sorrel sale or trade

I have big black stallion his name is midnight he halter broke leads
And loads great has been rode but very little very green asking 500obo
I have nice sorrel mare halter broke leads and loads great also have been road very little
Very green lets trade willing trade up or down what
Do u have looking for cows, goats, sheep,pigs,ducks,chicks let’s make a deal email offers thanks



From Desi, who writes, “The title of the ad speaks for itself.” Hey, at least they’re honest!

Hot little fireball – $500 (Soddy Daisy)

I have a 5 year old mare, will turn 6 in April.. Solid black out of Tn. Walking stock, is not registered. She is a little under 15 hands but is a real fireball. I have had her since she was 7 months old, done all the ground work on her and sent her to a Walking Horse training barn to be ridden. She never bucked. She loads good, stands for the farrier, loves the water hose. She is head strong and requires a strong hand. Saddles well, ridden both English and Western. Stands to be saddled and mounted. After the first 10 minutes of riding, she starts her crap.. Crow hopping, going sideways, walking backwards, After a good butt whipping, she will settle down and go on with her business.. I am the only one in the family who can ride her. She is up to date on coggins and all shots. I love this little hard headed mare and hate to part with her but medical issues will not allow me to risk getting hurt on her.. which I haven’t yet, but there is always the first time.. She is a great little horse and after she earns your trust, she is in your back pocket.. Again,, she will take a strong hand,, is not a beginners horse nor a kids horse unless you have a kid tough as a pine knot.. I have had been lied to plenty of times on horses, which has resulted in my neck injury.. I will not lie to anyone and risk getting someone hurt just to sell a horse.. Come meet Addie (named after her bad attitude). She is a beauty..



More brutal honesty, from Victor W.

want to trade 2 crazy mini donkeys

These 2 donkeys have been the bane of my existence for the last 2 years. The male has gone after predators, pets and family alike. The female is the most irritable, difficult and ill mannered animal I have ever met. I also believe that she is bred.
Apparently, at some previous point, both were trained…to do what, who knows. The male is actually friendly and will come up for a pet…but he will turn into a devilish turning tornado at any moment. He will play with my Pyrenees…they chase each other and have even been spotted….ahem…letting the Pyrenees mount him. They’re the same size. I can’t even begin to explain nor do I want to think about it.
So, long story short, I want them gone….as soon as possible.
I am open to trades of some sorts… a go cart (working or not), a lathe, pullets, certain livestock, Caribbean vacation, 4 wheeler, dirt work, certain construction materials, a weight training machine, concrete work, figs for canning, bulk flagstone, etc… you get the idea.
Please hurry and call. They can’t wait to come live with you!!!


And… another one with a bad “aduttied” [sic], from Olivia D.

15yr old Reg paint gelding

Thundering Fawgo a.k.a Thunder is for sale if anyone wants to make an offer on him. I do not ride him any more he is not a begginer horse I just do not have time. Expericenced riders only. He is reg he as mr. robin boy in him somewhere. Trail ride and halter horse only. Good home only would sell him for a pasture buddy. to the right family temperament hes probably and 6 to 7 on the ground and riding probably and 8 to 9. He wouldn’t hurt you just cant be scared of his aduttied



Here’s one for three “mayors” for sale, from Melissa R.:

Horses for Sale and/or Trade – $300 (Kenansville, NC)

“Song” Registered Paint (10 year old Mayor; no buck kick or buck; just need some miles) $1500/Finance Or Trade
“Allie” Palomino (7 year old Mayor; rides; no kick or buck; but needs miles) $1200/Finance Or Trade
“Ellie Mae” Buckskin Paint (7 year old Mayor; broke to saddle, but not ridding yet) $700/Finance Or Trade
“Cherokee” Registered Paint Stud (11 year old Stud; saddle broke; not yet riding, but soon) $1000/Finance, Stud Service $150 and/or Trad

I am interested in the following:
Round pin panels/Cow panels/fencing
Equipment/Livestock Trailers
Building Materials,(Tin, posts, Wire, etc.) NO JUNK
Posts/Fencing Materials
S-10 truck, (Chevrolet, Nisian, Dodge, etc.)
lawn mower & trailer with weed eater
Wood flooring/metal roof materials
Vinyl Sidding
I may consider pigs or sows in trade also.


This one isn’t from Craigslist but it deserves an honorable mention.  It’s from Jacque F., and in case you can’t read the fine print, it says, “If you have a big butt or a hubby looking for an English seat, this is it.”



And… one more, for a “horse bridal mirror”:

Horse Bridal Mirror – $200 (Sperry)

Antique horse bridal with mirror.
918-two eight four-8409


Wow. Readers, if you run across an “interesting” Craigslist ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows–maybe you’ll help connect an unwanted horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.


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