Nike Signs Its First Equestrian Athlete

Eighteen-year-old dressage rider Ayden Uhlir has become the first equestrian athlete to be signed by sportwear powerhouse Nike. The crazy part is, all she had to do was ask.

Uhlir won two Gold Medals at the 2013 Adequan North American Junior and Young Rider Championship aboard Sjapoer. Then she did what all aspiring young professionals rarely do. She pitched equestrian and non-equestrian companies for sponsorship.

Now Uhlir has a sports agent (Shade Global), a three-year deal with Nike, and gets a bonus for every major victory. Uhlir wins!

You can read the full story on Nike’s favorite rider at Chronicle of the Horse. We’re going to focus on the important stuff. Her Twitter account.

Not only does Uhlir have an enviable sponsor, she has excellent taste in boot socks.

Ayden Uhlir socks


She’s concerned about public safety.

It’s called a bike lane, not your own personal turn lane, you entitled idiot

— Ayden Uhlir (@aydenuhlir) December 4, 2013

And is just generally full of profound wisdom.

I don’t trust people who don’t eat bread #isthatweird

— Ayden Uhlir (@aydenuhlir) August 3, 2013

I hate it when I’m trying to sleep and my stomach is like,” Let me sing to you the song of my people.” #pleaseshutup — Ayden Uhlir (@aydenuhlir) July 28, 2013

No, seriously.

Watching Jurassic Park taught me to always be in front while running away from man-eating predators #funnytweet #wisdom — Ayden Uhlir (@aydenuhlir) September 4, 2012

It’s all fun and games until you lose your wifi signal. #funnytweet — Ayden Uhlir (@aydenuhlir) August 31, 2012

Also, she’s funny!

You shook me all night long #acdc — Ayden Uhlir (@aydenuhlir) September 1, 2012


Who came up with hugs? The very first hug must have been very creepy. “What are you doing? Why are you holding me?” “Shhhh, just trust me.” — Ayden Uhlir (@aydenuhlir) August 31, 2012

New best pick up line? Well I’m CPR certified, so after I take your breath away I can give it right back! #funny #pickupline

— Ayden Uhlir (@aydenuhlir) August 28, 2012

AND she rides well.

The question here isn’t why did Nike choose her. It’s why did it take so long?

Go Uhlir!

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