Should We Move to the Bahamas or Buy a Little $73 Million Chateau in France?

Get ready to wipe the drool from your keyboards. It’s time for another round of HN Cribs and this time we’re going international. (In case you missed the first edition, be sure and check out this $175 million American ranch.)

We’ll start off modestly again with this 16-bedroom villa located in Portugal, listed for $5,490,500 with Prestige Property Group. The 22.80 acre estate includes a main house, three guest houses, stables, garages for cars and agricultural equipment, as well as a swimming pool, a horse arena and warehouses. The website states, “The size of the land and meadows invites moments of reflection and distance from the daily stresses.” I could use that.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 4.46.20 PM.png

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 4.49.50 PM.png

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For $11,682,730 you could acquire “Le Cinischie” in Italy listed on Luxury Real Estate. The 66-acre estate contains a country hotel, 9 townhomes, a boutique hotel and a breeding and boarding farm. The farm includes 18 stalls, custodian’s house, offices and areas for nutritional programs, kitchen, reception, fenced equestrian field/racecourse, practice field, 6 broodmares with breeding boxes and a garden. I mean come on! The horses are included in the package deal? What a steal!

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 4.16.22 PM.png

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Or you could spend $16,000,000 to buy a fantasy island stables in the Bahamas listed by Sothebys Realty. The 16-acre estate has two barns. The East Barn has 8 stalls, 2 tack rooms, office, bathroom and a laundry area. There are two 1-bedroom apartments upstairs. The building features wraparound porches and a traditional pizza oven! The Feed Building has 2 grooming areas as well as a wash area…and presumably houses the feed. The West Barn has 3 stalls, a wraparound porch, and a “horse gym.” There are 6 paddocks, jumping arena, koi pond, native fruit trees, vegetable garden and a chicken coop.

Other than the whole looming death by hurricane fear…I LOVE THIS!

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 4.12.04 PM.png

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 4.14.31 PM.png

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 4.11.13 PM.png

If you prefer Spain, how about the Casa Pairal, a 15,900 sq. ft. residence listed for $38,942,435 on Luxury Real Estate. It is billed as the “most exclusive private villa in Spain.” The property is claimed as the “home of southern Europe’s leading equestrian facilities led by a member of Spain’s highly regarded classical training team.” The stable houses up to ten horses with an all weather covered arena, an outdoor arena, a round pen for warming up and horse lunging, six paddocks, stands for up to 100 spectators, several acres of fields and living quarters for trainers.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 4.22.51 PM.png

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 4.23.01 PM.png

But if you really and I mean really want to be legitimately envied…let’s talk castles. Check out this French chateau estate that is 45 minutes from Geneva, though the website notes that it is only 10 minutes via helicopter. It’s listed at $73,670,000 with Prestige Property Group…helicopter not included.

The walled 80-acre park includes the main 5-story home, gardener’s house, workshop, vegetable garden and stables. The stables have 8 stalls, garages for 6 cars, tack room, 8 apartments and 6 bathrooms, large covered “loggia” overlooking the park, indoor riding ring, covered horse walker, and sand school with Fontainebleau sands.

I’m not clear on what Fontainebleau sands are but I’m sure if my horse worked in them he would become more awesome….or at least more gritty.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 4.29.16 PM.png

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 4.29.04 PM.png

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Go Riding!


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