10 Lessons You Can’t Learn From an Instructor

What’s a lesson you’ll never forget?

[Top image: equisure]

Heels down, wrists straight, eyes up–these are things an instructor may have to remind you ten thousand times before the lesson really sticks. Other lessons–generally the ones you learn the hard way–only take one repetition for them to be imprinted on your brain forever.

Here are just a few I’ve experienced personally.

Don’t go to the grocery store after riding bareback on a hot day. It’s definitely going to look like you peed yourself.


[Flickr: lostinfog]

If a pony wants to get out of its paddock, it will find a way. Seriously, those little pony noses are nimble!

Kiwi latch close-up IMG_0026_resized

[Equine Farm Management]

Even if the horse you’re trying looks really quiet, let someone else ride it first. At least, if you enjoy having all of your ribs intact.


[Wikimedia Commons]

Make sure you’ve caught the right bay horse from the paddock before you get on. See above.

You will never get a gray horse completely clean for more than a few minutes. And, in fact, most gray horses enjoy the challenge of making sure they are clean for as little time as possible.



Oh…you wanted me NOT to roll?


Don’t assume all horses stand tied. A lot of cross-ties were broken in the process of learning this one.

Pay attention to what your horse’s tail is doing while you’re picking his feet. Unless you want this to happen to you.

Don’t try to move heavy things when it’s icy and you’re wearing paddock boots. Better yet, don’t try any sort of large project when it’s icy, because you will most likely fail and/or break something.



Why you walk on the “near” side of the horse (at least, if you’re right-handed). It would be impossible to hang on to the 1200-lb. kite at the end of your lead rope with your non-dominant hand.


[Wikimedia Commons]

Don’t fall off a draft horse on the trail. Unless there are plenty of  logs and stumps around.


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