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Party dresses and ponies! It’s just your average day on the farm for three-year-old Barret Bruneau and her BFF, Velvet.

“If the weather is good, I saddle Velvet as soon as she has had her breakfast, then pop her in the little round pen, where she stays until lunch,” says Barret’s mom, April Bruneau. “She goes back into her barn (yes, we built Velvet her own barn) for lunch and a drink and then back to the round pen until evening feed.”

What exactly is she doing in that round pen all day? This.

Are you dying on that overdose of adorable? It gets even better.

Velvet—a five-year-old, 32″, unregistered mini—is a Craigslist find.

“We have had her for just over two years,” says Bruneau. “Velvet had very little handle on her when we got her, so I started her in harness.”

Now, Barret and Velvet are lead line specialists.

“Barret rides with million-dollar NRHA trainer Craig Johnson, does all the cowboy trail obstacles. She completed a play day series last season. (They were Reserve Champion). They go to a ranch sorting practice down the road where they are allowed to push the cattle around,” continues her mother.

Barret USA flag

In the past month or so, Barret has started steering Velvet on her own. And just in case you’re wondering, it’s usually with a pink party dress on.

“Throw in some pink and over do the bling and you are on a winner,” says Bruneau.

Barret Pink Santa

Barret Pink Dress

Barret and Velvet cuddle

[All photos provided by April Bruneau]

Barret and Velvet win the Internet!

Go riding!

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