You’re Going to Use That Thoroughbred for What?

Each week a different expert ranks three OTTBs in terms of their suitability for a specific discipline. This week features the “First Lady of Racing” Diane Crump!

This Week’s Evaluator: Diane Crump has had a lot of firsts her life: first woman to ride at a major track (Hialeah in 1969), first woman to ride in the Kentucky Derby (1970) and the first woman to win a stakes race. In all, she had 228 wins out of 1682 races as a jockey. After retiring, she turned her attention to the sporthorse world where she has become well respected as an international sporthorse agent.

This Week’s Thoroughbred Placement Organization: CANTER Illinois

Chosen Discipline: Sport horses. Diane says, “I like to fit the right horse to the right career be that hunter, jumpers, eventers, dressage or a nice trail mount. Each horse has a niche where he will excel the most and I try to help both horses and riders find that niche.”

This Week’s Horses:

Horse #1: Granny Got Even

Horse #1: Granny Got Even

Horse #1: Granny Got Even

Foaled in Kentucky on May 12, 2010

16 hand bay Thoroughbred mare

By Stephen Got Even out of Granny’s Cat by Sanctuary

3 starts, 0 firsts, 0 seconds and 1 third for earnings of $3,519

Horse #2: Win Dough Reid

Horse #2: Win Dough Reid

Horse #2: Win Dough Reid

Foaled in Indiana on April 10, 2008

16.1 hand bay Thoroughbred gelding

By Champali out of Raisen Goldie by Raise a Man

24 starts, 3 firsts, 4 seconds and 7 thirds for earnings of $62,870

Horse #3: Shoutforjoy

Horse #3: Shoutforjoy

Horse #3: Shoutforjoy

Foaled in Louisiana on March 11, 2008

16.1 hand chestnut Thoroughbred gelding

By Announce and out of Sharili Shaplin by Hold Your Peace

31 starts, 2 firsts, 2 seconds and 5 thirds for earnings of $35,681


Criteria: Things I look for in a horse: Because I sell all disciplines, I’m going have to be very generalized. First and foremost is disposition. No matter the discipline, the horse has to have a good brain and a willing attitude. I look for good conformation, a kind eye, and for them to be sound. Those are the ingredients I start with for all disciplines and then we find the right fit for them from there.

How I Placed Them: 2-1-3


Third Place: Horse #3 — Shoutforjoy

Headshot of Shoutforjoy

Headshot of Shoutforjoy

He is very attractive and a very nice type. He has a good neck with a pretty head and kind eye. He looks to be very correct as well. There wasn’t a video to see, but if he’s a good mover, he could be an excellent show hunter or event prospect. He does need quite a bit of weight which could mean that he is more of a long-range project. If I were to market him for a client, I would value him at $2,500 at his current stage.


Second Place: Horse #1 — Granny Got Even

Granny Got Even's sire, the AP Indy son, Stephen Got Even.

Granny Got Even’s sire, the AP Indy son Stephen Got Even.

This mare has nice conformation and looks to be very correct and athletic. She is very solid and muscular and is an excellent type for the eventing world. She is good mover for the dressage and looks strong and very capable for the cross-country portions. I would give her a $3,500 value.

Video of Granny Got Even:


First Place: Horse #2 — Win Dough Reid

Win Dough Reid-what a face!  Who likes big ears? ;)

Win Dough Reid — What a face! Who likes big ears? 😉

He looks like he has a very pleasant temperament and is a nice mover for the hunter ring. He has a beautiful head and neck and is a very good size at 16.1 hands. He moves well from the shoulder and looks like an excellent type to make up as a show hunter. I would value him at $5,000, making him a steal at the $1,500 they are asking on CANTER.

Video of Win Dough Reid:




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CANTER Illinois is a free service offered to racing trainers and owners to help them find non-race homes for their retiring racehorses. There are no fees charged to new owners or to trainers.

We are a volunteer-run organization, and always looking for help in the Chicago and Saint Louis/Southern Illinois areas. Volunteers assist with fundraising, friendraising and visiting racetracks to meet with trainers.



About our Evaluator: With 35+ years of hands-on experience, Diane Crump brings her expertise, honesty and integrity to the world of horsemanship. You can browse leisurely though her website with its wide and varied selection of horses and ponies: WWW.DIANECRUMP.COM








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