Equine Dental Care With Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart’s Friesian, Rutger, recently had a cracked molar extracted from the depths of his jaw. Naturally, America’s favorite home-making maven documented the entire process… in a meticulous 44-image slideshow. For your edu-tainment.

Highlights included bits of bloody, crumbling tooth.

cracked tooth MS

Tooth decay MS

[The Martha Blog]

A fancy plug made of dental compound.

dental plugs

[The Martha Blog]

And drilling into her horse’s heavily sedated head…

Drilling MS

[The Martha Blog]

To flush the sinus cavity of any accumulated bacteria.

After it was done, Martha cleaned, buffed, and lacquered the broken tooth pieces before fashioning them into an ornamental mosaic broach.* Like the treatment plan, it too was spectacularly thorough, perfectly executed, and totally out of line with most people’s reality.

Go Martha!

*There is no horse tooth broach that we know of. Yet… 

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