5 MORE Scientifically Proven Facts Every Horse Person Should Know

UK biomechanics expert Russell Guire of Centaur Biomechanics knows things about horses. Science things. You should know them too. 

If only to sound super smart and knowledgable about horses. (English accent optional.)



Everyone knows to look for the telltale head nod and irregular stride length. Guire says we can advance our lameness diagnosis skills by watching the fetlock. “Look at the fetlock motion and how much the fetlocks are dropping,” he advises. (It’s easier to see with a slow motion camera.)



“Old fashioned riding is long reins and the elbow behind the body. Horses do not work optimally [like that]. The elbow should be in front of the body. You want a soft, forward, elastic arm position,” says Guire.



The average amateur spends about eight hours a day sleeping and eight or more at work hunched over a computer. Sit straight on a horse for an hour? Not likely, says Guire.

“You’ve got to invest in other things—pilates, yoga, treatments, to keep the body in alignment,” he advises.



Slow motion cameras tell us so, says Guire.



“It’s our job as a rider to improve that symmetry,” says Guire.

I don’t know about you, but I feel smarter already.

Go science!

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