Monday News Roundup

Last week’s headlines from around the world… straight from the horse’s mouth. Compiled by Amanda Ronan.

February 23 ~ The Virginian-Pilot profiles attorney Steve Edwards and teen Ashley Meyers at Edwards’ ranch where troubled youth learn to work through pain.

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February 23 ~ UPDATE!  Brainerd Dispatch reports missing horse Jagger has been found!

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February 24 ~ Alberta Farmer Express details Dr. Lori Warren’s speech for three strategies for environmentally friendly feeding.

February 24 ~ The Irish Times reports Thoroughbred breeders are very concerned about wind turbine development near their stables.

February 24 ~ The Hollywood Reporter states claims of horse mistreatment against HBO’s Luck have been dropped.

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February 24 ~ Press of Atlantic City profiles the Cape May County 4-H Leather & Lace Horse Club.

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February 24 ~ KHQA7 states Kent Nutrition Group donated close to a ton of horse feed for 39 malnourished horses.

February 24 ~ The Inquirer reports Midge Leitch, one of the first female equine practitioners to become board-certified and who served as veterinarian to the U.S. Equestrian Team, died Saturday, Feb. 15.

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February 24 ~ The Ledger Independent announces Kentucky authorities are searching for an unknown shooter after “Gipsy Rose” was found dead.

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February 24 ~ WCVB5 details the rescue of a Massachusetts woman and her horse after slipping on ice.

February 24 ~ NBC10 News reports the Rhode Island West Greenwich Fire Department and other rescue workers saved a horse trapped in a backyard pool.

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February 24 ~ Peninsula Clarion writes four teenage girls from Alaska — three from the Kenai Peninsula — placed fourth in Horse Bowl at the Western National Roundup Jan. 8-12 in Denver, Colorado.

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February 25 ~ Central KY News reports 14-year-old Isaac Knolt and his horse were rescued from six feet of freezing water in the Green River.

February 25 ~ notes British charity World Horse Welfare has laid down the gauntlet for the country’s experienced horse owners, inviting them to take on “project” horses.  In a related story, Daily Mail UK says World Horse Welfare estimates there are currently 7,000 abandoned horses roaming the country freely.

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February 25 ~ Global News writes-up five people have been arrested, in connection with ongoing protests against Alberta’s controversial horse cull.

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February 25 ~ Paso Robles Daily News advertises there is a new horse park headed their way.

February 25 ~ The Saratogian says “Happy 30th Birthday!” to racehorse Quick Call.

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February 26 ~ York Dispatch shows two teens who will participate in the Trail Champion Challenge at the 12th Pennsylvania Horse World Expo.

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February 26 ~ The Times UK profiles “Sefton,” a horse badly injured in the Hyde Park blast that became a national symbol of resistance against terrorism.

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February 26 ~ News92FM celebrates “Smash” a deaf officer with the Houston Police Mounted Patrol Division.

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February 26 ~ Capital Press reports firefighters and neighbors in the small southern Oregon community of Hugo managed to rescue a horse from a mudhole.

February 26 ~ The Washington Times reports polo star Carlos Gracida has died following an accident during a match in Florida. In a related story, Metro UK outlines he was the former polo coach of Prince William and Harry.

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February 26 ~ broadcasts despite valiant efforts by rescue crews, a horse trapped in a drain passed away in Ireland.  Warning! Graphic photo.

February 27 ~ profiles autistic 13-year-old Zac and the miniature horse that changed his life.

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February 27 ~ reports the identification of a new pregnancy-supporting hormone in horses has resolved a reproductive mystery that has puzzled scientists for decades, and it may have important implications for sustaining human pregnancies.  In a related story, Under the Button details Penn Vet has a live webcam on foal watch!

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February 27 ~ The Tennessean details the bill U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., is calling for. Which includes scientific tests to detect soring instead of manual checks, though the bill allows the controversial tall shoes and ankle chains.

February 27 ~ Express UK reports that a horse has been confiscated after it was found living in the same house with its owner.

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February 28 ~ News24 warns the movement of horses in the Western Cape of Africa was restricted on Friday to prevent the spread of African horse sickness.

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February 28 ~ BBC News reads “Law change call after Surrey Police disposes of horse.”

February 28 ~ CTV News reports an Ontario woman was convicted and fined more than $6,000 for willfully evading the payment of duties on a horse at the Ambassador Bridge.

February 28 ~ Gizmodo displays this Eadweard Muybridge-inspired animation with 272 frames captured on a custom 13-meter-long stretch of woven fabric.


February 28 ~ 3KRTV profiles Montana FFA Horse Judging team member, sixteen year old Kyra Boma.

February 28 ~ News Mirror showcases trainer and certified judge, Judy Wright.

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February 28 ~ Orange County Register profiles California’s Trabuco Elementary School and their innovative on-site farm.

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February 28 ~ Corrales New Mexico is having a saddle theft problem according to KOAT7.

March 1 ~ FOX17 reports a Michigan man was arrested on animal cruelty charges.

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March 1 ~ Horse therapy is bringing Utah businesses together broadcasts St. George News.

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March 1 ~ Arabian Nights dinner theater equestrian show in Florida hopes of adopting out 16 of the horses that performed at the attraction before it closed reports Daily Commercial.

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March 2 ~ Red Orbit reveals that horses are threatening the Giant Panda population in Wolong China.

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March 2 ~ Shelbyville Times-Gazette interviews Allison Thorson.

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March 2 ~ Bradenton Herald showcases “The Forgotten 17,” 17 horses rescued last month, and the fundraiser held in their honor.

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March 2 ~ The Daytona Beach News-Journal summarizes the Hope Reins program.

March 2 ~ The Inquirer reports that controversial Devon Horse Show chairman, Wade McDevitt, has resigned.

March 2 ~ WTVA analyzes the “Race Against Hunger” event held annually in Mississippi.  Proceeds from the event go directly to African Children Outreach.

March 2 ~ Albany Democrat-Herald profiles the Linn-Benton Community College Horse Center.

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