10 Human Products That Are Useful To Have Around the Barn

From grooming to health care, Karlie Mitchell recommends adding these items to your shopping list the next time you’re at the pharmacy–you never know when they’ll come in handy!

From Karlie:

1. Pam Non-Stick Spray. Helps keep those ice balls that form under the hooves in winter under control.
2. Coconut Oil. Yes, conditions the mane and tail just like many women use for their hair and skin.
3. Vaseline. Makes temperature taking go a bit “smoother.” Can also help dry, chapped horse lips. Yes, I have a horse that gets dry, chapped lips when it is hot.
4. Witch hazel. Use under standing wraps as a mild brace, or apply to bug bites to reduce itchiness.
5. Diaper rash cream. Have used it on scratches (my paint is prone to them during wet season).
6. Diapers. Works well for wrapping up a hoof abscess. Diaper with a salt pack, vet wrap, then duct tape it up.
7. Sunscreen. Another paint horse problem. Kids’ hypoallergenic sunscreen can prevent sunburn on those sensitive skin type┬áhorses.
8. Hair gel or hair spray. Helps hold braids nice and tidy for shows.
9. Baby powder. Got white legs or markings? Makes them glow at a show.
10. Canola oil. Given on some feed like grain this really makes the coat shine.

Go Riding!


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