Video: Fjord Fails

Is there anything cuter than when cream colored ponies turn into bratty brazen beasts?  Horse Nation: there isn’t.


Let’s preface this by saying that we all LOVE Fjords. Many of the munchkins we are sharing here today, we are sharing at their rare worst. In fact, the Therapeutic Riding Program in my area uses Fjords almost exclusively for their lessons, and they are amazing with children and adults.

That being said, a Fjord has totally sent me packing to the dirt, and this is my revenge.

Let’s start with this gracious rider’s compilation of Naughty Fjord Moments:

I don’t speak whatever language this is, but I like to believe it says “I shouldn’t have let my boyfriend ride my Fjord”

It’s really not fair at all to call this a fail — it’s actually quite impressive. But there’s always that ONE naughty pony in every drill team performance that keeps things “interesting”:

Your classic big-bellied naughty pony and her good-natured teenage girl. (Truth be told, I love all the videos of Vanilla, a Fjord cross):

This whole video is utterly charming of a girl and her pony. But I knew as soon as I heard “The Sabre Dance” music start, this poor girl was going to be done in by her Fjord (in the last 10 seconds):

Another compilation of naughty moments by an otherwise very good boy named Super Guus. You can find a plethora of entertaining videos of Guus tearing up the dressage ring on owner Jolanda Adelaar’s YouTube channel, but in the meantime:

Go Riding.


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