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Whether you’re a superstitious person or not, a little luck certainly can’t hurt! We’ve got your new pair of lucky socks, er, Zocks right here.

Ovation Zocks Boot Socks are thin enough to be worn under tall boots, and there are SO many colors and designs to choose from!


Stick with something classic, like Black, Bubble Gum, Chocolate, Eggplant, Dark Grey, Lime or Sapphire…

111 Hearts a Floral, 1127 Ligh Blue Plaid, 1128 Light Pink Plaid, 1143T Tattoo Parlor in Nude, 1144 Horse Country, 1236 White Paws, 1239 Shellie Tangerine Yellow, 1247 D'feat Breast Cancer, 1266 Hot Fire, 1267 Purple Fire, 1286 Black Vogue, 1336 New Giraffe, 1353 Leopard n Roses, 1363 Miss Meca, 1392 Small Pink Camo, 1468 Three Rivers, 1604 Blue Fire, 1614 Grey Dot Art, 1616 Yellow Oriental Garden, 1617 Royal Blue Lace, 1618 Rouge Lace Red, 1624 Caleb, 1631 Red Paws, 1633 Blue Paws, 1638 Big Dots, 1659 Black Alicia, 1671 Blue Fleur Missoni, 1672 Peace, 1672PNK Pink Peace, 1672R/1007 Rainbow Peace, 1673 Lime Delaney, 1674 Pink Delaney, 1675 Blue Delaney, 1681 Purple Leopard, 1694 Pink Spector, 1695 Blue Spector, 1712 Bright Rainbow, 1713 Purple Plaid, 1715 Jocelyn, 1724 Plaid Dye, 1725 Cayle White, 1726 New Panton Chip, 1727 Purple All Tattoo, 1733 Miya, 1739 Purple Lace, 1744 Turquoise Alicia, 1758 Denim Cable Knit, 1773 Crackle Skin Blue, 1778 Dana, 1779 Multi Horse, 1804 Multi Peace, 1806 Grey wBlk Fountain, 1811 Black Lips, 1812 Red Lips, 1813 Turq Saddle Up, 1814 Cream Saddle Up, 1815 Blk Saddle Up, 1816 Purple Wild Link, 1817 Red Wild Link, 1818 Blue Wild Link, 1822 Multi Abstract Roses, 1825 Pink Comical Love, 1826 Black Comical Love, 1828 Black Luvy, 1831 Blue Luvy, 1836 Pink Lulu, 1847 Blue Plaid Horses, 1848 Purple Cupcakes, 1850 Multi Gogo, 1860 Wavin USA, 1863 Sunbeam, 1866 Purple Angels, 1867 Pink Diva, 1868 Purple Diva, 1869 Fairmont, 1873 Pink Mystery, 1876 Hoopla, 1885 See N Stars, 1894 Purple Unica, 1895 Black Horses, 1896 Coco, 1897 Bows, 1899 Black Owls, 1904 Real Owls, 1905 Tiny Owls, 1920 Mystical Horses, 1921 Liz, 253 Wild Horses, 265 Doggie, 341 Austin Powers, 366 Dye, 457 Regular Camo, 466 Rainbow Zebra, 593 Hairy Leopard, 712 Sub-Burb, 798/1007 Rainbow Giraffe, 798I Lime Giraffe, 798P Pink Giraffe, 884 Splish Splash

…Or go crazy with a unique pattern! Pictured: Hearts a Floral, Light Blue Plaid, Light Pink Plaid, Tattoo Parlor in Nude, Horse Country, White Paws, Shellie Tangerine Yellow, D’feat Breast Cancer, Hot Fire, Purple Fire, Black Vogue, New Giraffe, Leopard n Roses, Miss Meca, Small Pink Camo, Three Rivers, Blue Fire, Grey Dot Art, Yellow Oriental Garden, Royal Blue Lace, Rouge Lace Red, Caleb, Red Paws, Blue Paws, Big Dots, Black Alicia, Blue Fleur Missoni, Peace, Pink Peace, Rainbow Peace, Lime Delaney, Pink Delaney, Blue Delaney, Purple Leopard, Pink Spector, Blue Spector, Bright Rainbow, Purple Plaid, Jocelyn, Plaid Dye, Cayle White, New Panton Chip, Purple All Tattoo, Miya, Purple Lace, Turquoise Alicia, Denim Cable Knit, Crackle Skin Blue, Dana, Multi Horse, Multi Peace, Grey w/ Black Fountain, Black Lips, Red Lips, Turquoise Saddle Up, Cream Saddle Up, Blak Saddle Up, Purple Wild Link, Red Wild Link, Blue Wild Link, Multi Abstract Roses, Pink Comical Love, Black Comical Love, Black Luvy, Blue Luvy, Pink Lulu, Blue Plaid Horses, Purple Cupcakes, Multi Gogo, Wavin USA, Sunbeam, Purple Angels, Pink Diva, Purple Diva, Fairmont, Pink Mystery, Hoopla, See N Stars, Purple Unica, Black Horses, Coco, Bows, Black Owls, Real Owls, Tiny Owls, Mystical Horses, Liz, Wild Horses, Doggie, Austin Powers, Dye, Regular Camo, Rainbow Zebra, Hairy Leopard, Sub-Burb, Rainbow Giraffe, Lime Giraffe, Pink Giraffe, Splish Splash

Like we said, there are about a million-gazillion colors and designs to choose from (check out the full selection here). Which ones will be your new lucky Zocks?

Go Ovation, good luck and Go Riding!


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