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Let’s give a warm welcome to Fleeceworks’ newest team rider, Jenn Mcfall!

Jennifer started her riding career in Pony Club and showed her family’s Morgan horses on a regional and national level, winning many National and World titles in hunter pleasure, western pleasure, dressage and jumping. She and Dragonfire Kublahan, a Morgan gelding bred by her family farm and her partner during her teenage years, are pictured on the cover of the Pony Club “A” manual and had an exciting career together.

Her early years as a trainer/instructor earned her recognition on the national level and most recently the Morgan Horse Association honored her for her influence on the Morgan breed, particularly in the area of eventing.

Despite her success as a World Champion Morgan Horse trainer, Jennifer has now focused her attention back on her first love of eventing. Currently, she and her talented partner High Times, a Holsteiner gelding she has brought up through the levels, are achieving noteworthy success. Together the pair have finished in the top 10 at multiple CIC and CCI3* events and hope to compete in their first CCI4* together in the near future.

Jennifer is a huge fan of Fleeceworks!


From Fleeceworks’ Facebook page

Jennifer says:

“I was introduced to the superior Fleeceworks technology in spring of 2013, when I made a trip back to the East Coast to compete with my horse, High Times, in the Jersey Fresh CCI***. On our way there, we went to Rolex first so that he could experience the atmosphere before competing him there this year. Fortunately for me, I forgot my work pads. I headed up to the trade fair where I encountered Fleeceworks and decided to give them a try. After speaking with the sales rep about my horse’s slightly longer back and chronic pain, I purchased the FXK Half Pad that provides relief for the withers and spine with its patented elastic design. She also suggested that I use the pad under my square pad for added benefit, which I did for the remainder of the week.

I went on from Rolex to train with Buck Davidson Jr. at Buckwampum Farm for the remaining time leading up to Jersey. Typically, my horse has had tension and pain in his back related to training, plaguing him mostly after intense dressage workouts. With the Fleeceworks FXK Half Pad DIRECTLY on his back, his improvement was obvious. Throughout his rigorous training at Buckwampum and also through competition at Jersey, his back remained relaxed and pliable, with a noticeable improvement in his temperament as well. He went on the be the Highest Placed West Coast Horse at the Jersey Fresh CCI*** and in the Top Ten with a California product to thank for his healthy and happy back.

High Times has remained happy in his back, with the use of the FXK Half Pad under his square pad for daily and show work. I look forward to continuing my successful East Coast tradition with my Fleeceworks Pads at the 2014 Rolex 4**** Three Day Event.”


Jen rides day to day with Fleeceworks FWXK-6B Halfpad on top of High Times “Billy”.

phoca_thumb_l_FWXK-6 B AP CC DR

The FWXK-6B Halfpad: Fleeceworks’ patented FWXK technology provides comprehensive wither relief. Cross elastic allows for vertical give of the pad through the topline. Anatomically correct. The piped edge blends discretely when worn on top of a quilted pad. If used directly on the horse it does not disturb the drape of the square pad. Available in both multipurpose and dressage styles.

Welcome to the team, Jenn! Go Fleeceworks, and Go Riding!

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