Winter’s Tale Casting Call: Where in the World Do You Get a Flying Horse?!

Turns out, they’re pretty hard to come by.

[top image: MTV]

Winter’s Tale, a romance film featuring time travel and a magic flying horse (at least as I understand it) was released this weekend. MTV interviewed the director and stars of the film about how they managed to find such a talented equine.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t an easy task to find a flying horse.

“That’s a big ask of any horse, even a very special horse,” Jennifer Connelly told MTV.

“What experience did I have with a flying equine? None,” said Colin Farrell.

Now they both have experience riding a “giant green buck” though. Think bucking bronc machine, but covered in green pillows. The result is…awkward. And understandably so–how would you look trying to ride this thing, while pretending its a magical flying white steed?


Go Riding!

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