NickerDoodles: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Who is your “significant other,” really? (Don’t worry, we won’t tell you boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse.) Enjoy the latest comic by Melanie Eberhardt.

Melanie writes, “Valentine’s Day is about love. Love encompasses a broad spectrum from romance to something to which we identify and with passion embrace in our lives. I’m fairly certain most young girls (older ones too) feel as strongly about the love for their horses as I did (and do). Happy Valentine’s Day Horse Nation!”


About Melanie: I am an artist in Atlanta. When I’m not painting, I’m riding horses. I have 3 retired Arabians and a snotty pony at home. They keep me on my toes. Three years ago I bought a young OTTB straight off the track. My new fella, Bubba, and I are learning dressage. Sadly, I’m the weak link on Team Bubba, but I learn something every time we ride so it’s all good. I started NickerDoodles to document the horsey antics that abound within my world. I’m very fortunate to balance my life with things that I love – painting and riding – and NickerDoodles gives me a forum to share. If we’re not laughing at our horses and ourselves, we’re probably crying. I prefer to laugh! I hope everyone enjoys NickerDoodles.

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