Tips From a Tackaholic: Smart Shopping at Tack Sales

When you walk into a tack sale, it’s easy to throw good judgement to the wind and lose your mind completely. Stesha Payne shares some tips for keeping it together.

From Stesha:

As a tackaholic, tack sales can be pretty overwhelming…


…especially if you walk in without a game plan! Here are some smart shopping tips:

#1. What do you need?

Brainstorm some things you know you really want to find at that tack sale. This will help you stay focused on the task at hand instead of getting distracted by things that are totally irrelevant to what you need! You can think of things that you don’t need, but want too, especially if you find them at a golden price.

#2. Research!

Now that you’ve figured out what you need, or want, to find at the tack sale, it’s time to do some research. To find the very best deals, this part is crucial. Is that bridle you must have really worth $50, or is it really worth $25? The only way to know is to do some background research. Take the time to Google search the items on your want/need list. Price them new, and if you can find them used, how much are they going for? This will help you make those quick decisions when put in the spotlight of making an offer on that perfect item! This leads to Tip #3!

#3 Get the right fit!

We’ve all been there. We find the prettiest show halter at the best price you’ve ever seen, only to bring it home and find it doesn’t fit. Measure your horse before you go! Look at your want/need list. Is anything on there size-specific? If so, measure BEFORE you go. Take a small pocket tape measure with you, too, so that you can compare those measurements to the ones true to what you need. Buying something that doesn’t fit will cost you money and the time it takes to resell it. Be smart, think ahead, and measure!

#4. Make an offer.

Chances are, if it’s at a tack sale, the seller doesn’t want to take it home with them. Make an offer! The worst they can say is “no.” In the end, it will save you at least a few bucks. If it’s priced at $10, offer $8! Usually sellers will even price a few dollars higher, just to get what they expect to get out of the item knowing that buyers will usually make offers.

#5. Set a limit.

Last but not least, set a limit on the amount of money you want to spend. It’s easy to overspend, especially when you are right there in front of all sorts of deals! It’s easy to get caught up in the experience and just buy everything in sight. Only spend as much as you can and want to spend, so that you don’t regret going. It will help make the tack sale experience fun for everyone, including your wallet!

Happy buying and Go Riding!

My name is Stesha Payne and I’m a tackaholic! I live in Michigan, and have one horse of my own. My hobby, along with riding, is buying/selling/trading tack. Together my horse and I compete in every event we can, with western pleasure and barrel racing being our favorites!


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