The Secret Life of McKenna: The next step

Young rider blogger McKenna Oxenden is all grown up and college bound. She catches us up on her secret public life.

From McKenna:

Horse Nation, it is official. I AM GOING TO COLLEGE!!!!! That’s right, I am a big kid now! I am proud to report that my first acceptance letter was received from the University of Kentucky where I was accepted into their communications school for Journalism. While I will have to hold off on an official decision since I have a few other schools to hear from, I’m really excited about it!!!!


The feeling of seeing your first college acceptance is equitable to galloping across the finish line after a flawless cross-country run. You want to know what another thing that’s a super awesome feeling? Getting to ride your horse for the first time in six months. BUT what is even better is how your horse is just beyond excited about it and tends to show you in the wrong manner.

Honestly, it would really be nice if they showed their enthusiasm by being an A+ superstar pony walking calmly around the ring. But we all know that is a little too much to ask!

Why yes, Horse Nation, Gigi is officially in the process of rehabbing from her surgery. And yes, I couldn’t be any happier about that, but yes, I would really appreciate it if we could have a few less “OH MY GOD SOMETHING IS ALIVE IN THE RING” or “THE OTHER HORSES ARE JUMPING WHY CANT I PLEASE MOM OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO MEAN SCREW YOU!” And let’s be honest, we know that’s what she is saying.


Needless to say, the couple of rides we’ve had have been pretty interesting! While I’m sure it is mild compared to some more antics, it still provides some drama and excitement as we leap through the air earning a perfect 10. Good thing she is normally never like this 🙂

I love rehabbing ponies!!!! #thingsnoonesays

Until next week, hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife, and hide yo’ horses because Snowpocolips 2k14 is on its way!


McKenna Oxenden is a 17-year-old senior in high school, hailing from Columbia, MD. McKenna is a training level event rider and is currently campaigning the 15.1 Trakhener Cross, “Gossip Girl” a.k.a. Gigi and previously competed 13.2 pony superstar, Dorito Cooler Ranch, through training level. She has worked for CCI4* event rider, Emily Beshear and currently trains with Courtney Sendak of Defying Gravity Eventing. She is looking towards attending college in the fall pursing a career in the Communications/Journalism field. Additionally, she is also an active ambassador to JustWorld International. When McKenna isn’t busy writing or riding, she is taking photographs and playing in Photoshop. You can see some of her work by liking her Facebook page (Mckenna Erinn Photography).



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