Back on Track ‘Horse Therapy’: Soft Brown Eyes

Jennifer Addy shares the story of how her late mother and a special mare helped get her life “back on track” during a difficult time.

From Jennifer:

It was her soft brown eyes that mesmerized me. I knew nothing about horses but I knew I wanted this one. I was only six months into riding lessons but I badly wanted a horse of my own. I purchased “CC” a 12 year old Quarter Horse mare and gave her a beautiful green pasture to roam. I was totally overwhelmed and I did not know a darn thing about equine care. The purchase of CC was the culmination of my Mother’s passing and turning 40 within the same year. Yes, this was my midlife crisis and instead of the flashy red convertible I purchased a sweet bay mare in her midlife too.

I talked to my mother everyday on the phone including the day she passed away and the loss was devastating. I purchased CC one year later. Through the reflection in my horse’s eyes, I saw a worn down woman barely keeping my head above water. I was cranky, despondent, and flat out tired. Why did I think purchasing a horse I knew nothing about would make me happy, optimistic and energetic? I didn’t know because it was a purchase made with my head in the clouds and at times I definitely bit off more than I could chew. My horse pushed my patience, the physical demand made me more tired and at times she was just as moody as me. We were supposed to be out on the trails with the wind tickling my hair, the sunlight filtering through the trees and trotting through crystal clear streams but CC gave me so much more than my trail riding dream.

In the beginning of our companionship, I was completely unaware that each time I work with CC I receive a therapy session. What I came to realize during this process is that CC’s moodiness, frustration and indecisiveness was a direct response to my state of mind. Through her body language she gives me an authentic response of what I need to change in myself. CC’s body can be quiet and still when I need to contemplate life, pushy when I should show leadership and unsure when she requires my confidence. Now, when I drive over to the barn to see her I am exhilarated, when I am with her I am content, and when I leave I am smiling. The interaction with my horse gave me insight and wisdom on life changes I needed to make, much in the same way my Mother always managed to do, in a quiet intuitive way.

Three months before my mother passed away she cleverly suggested I go horse back riding because it always gave me such joy. My Mother knew me better than anyone else on this earth and she knew I needed to reconnect and find happiness. As always, Mom knew best and her wisdom transcended her death. Cindy was my Mother’s name. CC and Cindy have two things in common: they delicately showed me how to get my life “back on track” and my Mother had soft brown eyes too.


About Jennifer: I live in Southeastern Pennsylvania and my horse CC is boarded at the beautiful Honeybrook Stables in Chester County. My trainer Callie King is an integral part in teaching me all about horsemanship and riding. I never could have done this without her knowledge, training and her patience with me – I ask a lot of questions! I am married too an adventurous outdoorsmen who is dressed in camouflage from November through March and we have two amazing children who make our life complete. I work full-time as a Financial Analyst and juggle my time so I can spend as many mornings and evenings hanging out with CC. A shout-out to my fellow stable gals, Heather, Deanna, Katelyn, Katy, Jourdan, Mary and RuthAnn thanks for all the positive energy and laughter at the barn, that is the best therapy too!

Go Back on Track, and Go Riding!


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