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This week on the Weekly Watering Hole: horse sports that easily could have been included in the Winter Olympics.

I’m not nearly as big of a fan of the Winter Olympics as I am the Summer because of the lack of horses. The Summer Olympics are almost overload with the sheer amount of competition, second only to the World Equestrian Games. So I got to thinking and researching ways to incorporate “wintry” horse sports involving snow and ice into the Winter Olympics. Unfortunately, although much of the Olympic Village in Sochi seems to be unfinished, I guess it’s too late to submit a proposal (and a team!) to add any of these sports to the roster. Maybe in 2018?

First on the list: skijoring.


Photo by Eventing Nation reader Natalie Hollis.

Skijoring incorporates skis and horses (or dogs, if desired). I recommend using a sled as depicted above, but that’s just because my coordination on a pair of skis is abysmal. Russia has plenty of flat terrain where skijoring tracks could be set up, not to mention a surplus of frozen ground to fluff up with some powdery snow for the full effect.

Another great idea: Racing

The video is ’nuff said, but I think this could really be a way to get the patriotic spirit flowing. What better way to get excited about cheering on your home country than a fancy sled hooked up to a team of amped up horses? Imagine your country’s colors flying proud on the tail of the sled and you’ve got yourself a new Olympic sport.

SB Nation has a whole list of proposed horse sports to add to the Winter Olympics, too. I personally love their idea to send to Budweiser Clydesdales out for a spin. Again, what is more patriotic than that? Check out this link for more ideas.

What sport would you add to the Winter Oympics, HN?

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