PSA: Beware the Helmet Bully

Helmet bullies. They’re out there. And they’re concerned about your safety. Jerks.


This may come as a surprise to you. It certainly did to me. But according to Raleigh, who is a “horse trainer,” there are people out there bullying kids into wearing helmets. FOR SAFETY PURPOSES.

Scary, amiright?

I’ll admit, at first I wondered whether Raleigh knows what “bully” means. Because generally, bullies are more apt to cause harm than prevent it. But she’s all “chill out” and “if you die, who cares?!” So, I’m pretty sure she gets the risk-factor concept. She just doesn’t appreciate safety-minded commentary.

And why would she? Raleigh sustained a “three-month concussion” from a riding accident that, according to her doctor, was caused by her helmet. And not the out-of-control Thoroughbred that landed on top of her. So that totes makes sense. Or maybe it’s the brain injury talking.

Either way, may I gently suggest getting a second opinion?

It’d be a shame if Raleigh’s brain parts were damaged any more than absolutely necessary. Also, helmets protect your hair from getting split ends. My hairdresser told me that.

Go riding! AND WEAR A HELMET. (You too, Raleigh.)

Carley Sparks covers show jumping and related ridiculousness at She’s a helmet bully there too.

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