Friday Morning Feed from Ovation

I’ve never been great at math, including but not limited to geometry. Which can be a definite hindrance when it comes to riding dressage.

I’m confused.

A trainer once told me that accuracy is half the battle when it comes to your test. That means: round circles, perfectly symmetrical serpentines, and transitions that are performed EXACTLY where they are supposed to be performed, neither a stride early nor a stride late. You might be riding Totilas, but if your test isn’t accurately ridden, you’re just throwing points away. In a sport where the difference between first and second place often boils down to a fraction of a point, we’ve got to fight for every single mark.

Here’s something that will make your quest easier: Ovation Dressage Cones.

For less than the price of a dressage lesson ($32.95 for a small arena, $19.95 for the additional letters needed to create a large arena), you can set up a to-scale dressage arena at your home base and practice, practice, practice until you’re ready to ride the best test of your life.

Go Ovation, and Go Riding!

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