Cob in Aisle Nine: Horseback Necking Chaos!

A British woman rode her Cob into a supermarket — and controversy — as part of a Facebook drinking game that’s gone viral.

Indiana, “Inky,” Ralph, 21, hopped on her horse Harvey and strolled through the automatic doors of her local Tesco supermarket, past the Krispy Kreme display, to the refrigerated drinks section. There, she chugged a full bottle, then turned to her friend, filming the episode for social media, and issued a challenge to other pals.

The stunt was part of a wildly controversial social media drinking game that’s swept Australia and is now invading the U.K., called NekNomination, according to the “Necking” is an Aussie/Brit term for downing a ton of alcohol at once, different from the American use of “necking,” but often leading to it.

In the game, someone necks a bottle in an outrageous way or place, then names friends who they challenge to top their stunt in the 24 hours after their chugging is posted online. The game’s been blamed for the death of an Irish teenager, who jumped into a river and drowned after making his NekNomination.  In another incident, a 22-year-old man was found dead in his home after making his NekNomination. Authorities have been warning people not to take part in the game, reports The Mirror.

Ralph and Harvey (also known as Mr. Bumble The 3rd) [youtube]

Ralph and Harvey (also known as Mr. Bumble The 3rd) [youtube]

After posting her video on Facebook, Ralph was criticized in the media for endangering the welfare of Tesco shoppers. Tesco may press charges. We, of course, are more concerned about Harvey. Though the big guy seemed completely at ease in the produce section, and didn’t bat an eye at the automatic doors, he did slip a few times on the shiny waxed floor. It could have ended terribly for the trusting gelding.

Want to train for ages and gallop over large, solid objects? We applaud you!

Want to endanger yourself for fleeting internet fame, hurling yourself into the whatever incarnation the twerk of the week gyrates into?

Go for it.

But leave your horse out of it.

Ralph told the paper her horse was never in danger: “Harvey was always safe. I compete at county level and I have been around horses since I was six. I was always in control.”

The kicker?

Inky no drinky.

Ralph doesn’t consume alcohol.

The beverage she necked was a bottle of Pepsi Max.

Watch her Neknomination via the Daily Mirror.

Photo: The Northern Echo

Photo: The Northern Echo

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