‘We Don’t Have Tack For That,’ Presented by Thinline

The faux half-chap trend continues with these “convertible riding boots” from Coach.

Some readers may recall this photo Horse Nation posted on Facebook a while back:


Well, it wasn’t a one-off. The faux boots-and-half-chaps movement continues to gain momentum. Here’s a screenshot from Coach:



On sale for $249, guys! Reader Brianne Long stumbled across this review of the boot from a fashion blog:


A flat riding boot is a closet staple that won’t go out of style – a worthwhile piece to purchase if there ever was one. And the only thing better than a great riding boot? A convertible riding boot, of course. This new pair from Coach is kind of genius and I can’t wait to wear them with ev-ery-thing for the entire season.

Genius? That’s a little generous. Breanne writes, “Someone needs to tell her these have already been invented–they’re called half chaps!”

ThinLine may not be able to stop unhorsey people from wearing fake half chaps, but they can keep you and your horse performing at your best. ThinLine pads use non-compression technology to dissipate impact and pressure, creating a more comfortable riding experience for you and your horse.


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Go ThinLine, and Go Riding!


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