‘Oh Crap’ Moment of the Day: Holy Cow

Not only did Mozaun McKibben and Autumn Play survive a scary horse-on-cow wreck at the Fort Worth Stock Show last weekend, McKibben didn’t even lose his cowboy hat!

The pair was competing in the Junior Working Cowhorse class. A video of the wreck was posted on Facebook earlier this week and has had over 6,000 shares. Here’s the extended YouTube version (the action takes place about 30 seconds in):

[Jenifer Ingram]

And here’s the photo sequence, published with permission from Larry Williams Photography:




Love that hat catch. McKibben told the Equine Chronicle, “I saw my hat going through the air, and they cost too much money to be rolling around in the dirt!”

A big thanks to our friend Kristen Kovatch for the tip. Go Riding!


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