Best of Craigslist: ‘Bay Guilding 10 yrs old – $800’

Not one but three different readers sent us links to this ad out of Columbus, Ga., which should win awards for “least likely to win a spelling bee” and “most creative application of a blanket.”

A big thanks to readers Susanna Benedetti, Melissa Dooley and Angela for the head’s up!

 ‘Bay Guilding 10 yrs old – $800

Bay guilding 10 years old, excellant riding horse. Look at pictures and if your interested call me at 334.540.9130. I live apx. 7 miles from town on 431 south.
Also saddle and tack.
I will not reply to TEXT!!!!





Here’s another good one from Parry Kietzman, who writes, “Apparently this mare is learning to ‘use bite’… such a great skill for a mare to have. My experience with mares is that they don’t need to be taught to bite, but what do I know! For bonus points, she is ‘sadlle’ broke, whatever that is.”

quarter horse mare – $1500 (perris ca)

please reply to email only craigslist. mare quarter horse sorell. very good on trail not spooky sound in any way. good temperament sadlle broke, learning to use bite but still needs lil more work all around. good with kids also.



Kymbre Dwyer sent us a link to this one for a “red and white” paint that would “be great for someone with a little bit of skills.”

10 year old red and white paint – $500 (Ramseur)

Red is a gentle gaited horse. Rides good and gets alone well with others. Loads goods, and would be great with someone with a little bit of skills.

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One of our British readers points out that terrible horse ads aren’t a strictly American phenomenon. She writes, “I read your ‘Best of Craigslist’ with interest every week. In England these sorts of things are normal. It’s common for people here to own horses but have NO clue about them… Have a look here.”

I like this ad, for a yearling that has already been sat on by a 5-year-old. That seems really safe!

Yearling Colt

I have a lovely quiet black and white colt, he is 17 months old. Ready for breaking next month. To be honest he won’t take much breaking, he has been sat on by my 5 year old. If you tell him to stand he will. Does not bite or kick. He stands at 11hh, loads of mane and feather. He is the grandson of Hugo Boss. Excellent in traffic, nothing bothers him at all. He is a small gypsy cob. He is very healthy, no problems at all. For sale due to work commitments



And I’ll leave you with this video, courtesy of Heather Benson, that captures the cluelessness that is apparently rampant in modern horse ownership:


Ah, good times. Readers, if you run across an “interesting” Craigslist ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected] or post to our Facebook page here.


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