Best of Craigslist: ‘horse bridal – $20’

PLUS! A three-legged horse that is “guaranteed not to kick,” a hunter in a western saddle, and a trainer who promises she’ll feed your horse every day.

Reader Lauren Shaw sent us the headlining ad, with a note, “Need a Horse BRIDLE?”

horse bridal – $20 (deerfield nh)

Leather horse bridal with reins and bit used about 3 times cob size, and bit 4 1/2.

Hmmmm. And… this one, from reader Courtney Due who writes, “I hope this is a joke”:

Handicapped Horse for sale!!! – $100 (Trumbull )

I am in need of money and have decided to sell my 10 year old thoroughbred lefty. Lefty had an accident a while back and only has three legs. He can’t be ridden but is easy to catch and is guaranteed not to kick. He listens well and doesn’t need to be fenced in to graze. I thought of leasing him out to stud but we tried with a couple different mares and it didn’t go well. I just want to see him go to a good home. Also, he does come with an extra shoe.

No photo available. Moving right along, Aimee Walrath gave us a head’s up about this next one, with the explanation, “Ok this one is not that funny … But they are advertising a HUS (hunter Undersaddle), with pictures of the horse going western… I think that people need to learn basic MARKETING!!!” Perhaps, but what fun would THAT be?

16.1hh HUS Gelding – Trail Rides & Beginner Safe – $4000 (Norwood, NY – Delivery)


Big, pretty, talented, friendly, safe, sane, sound! You really just can’t ask for much more in a gelding! Elliot is an overgrown Labrador that knows his job inside the ring and out. He has been there and done that. No spook and no nonsense. This gelding has been used for lessons, rides English & western, has done some jumping, and loves to trail ride. If you are looking for a big fun guy that can sit and then ride off like he hasn’t missed a day, this is your boy! This gelding has a HUGE stride and is very smooth. He is a bit lazy in the ring so good legs and a little set of spurs aren’t a bad idea to get the most out of this guy on the rail. (See video – 1st ride in a month, strange indoor arena, 5’1″ rider with no spurs………he sure isn’t a ball of fire!) Video Link: Out on the trail, Elliot moves out with a bit less effort on his rider’s part. He seems to enjoy hacking out and is a solid mount to enjoy the scenery with. This gelding will make an excellent mount for a timid rider. He has a superb disposition, all the pretty a person could ask for, and years of experience. He really is the whole package! Be sure to see our website for many more photos.

One more, if you can handle it, from Susan Hughes, who writes, “Geeezzz. I’m glad she feeds every day!”


ONE MORE AD!!! ONE MORE AD!!!! OK, OK, you guys can stop chanting. Here’s a late entry encore from reader Lisa Boekenoogen:


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