5 Excuses to Drop in 2014

Karlie Mitchell is sick and tired of hearing herself make excuses about why her riding has hit a plateau. This year, she’s making her goals happen instead.

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From Karlie:

This is it. I have been making excuses for YEARS about why my riding goals are not getting accomplished. This year is the year I stop making excuses and complaining about why I cannot get it done and just get it done!

5 Excuses I’m Going To Drop

1.       “I’m just so busy.” OK, this one may have been slightly true last year when I was building a house and moving, but it has been coming out of my mouth for the last five years. This year it’s time to MAKE time. Or just stop pretending there are not enough hours in a day. There are plenty of things I can let go of to make time to do more schooling, especially in summer when the evenings are long and warm. Who really needs to watch TV nowadays anyway? There is not much worth sitting down for. And the last horse-related show I said I was going to watch just turned out to be a bunch of catty, self-obsessed cowgirls. Less TV, lounging around, sleeping and, hey, why not less house cleaning? I need to ride!

2.       “It’s too hot.” Summer is a great time for riding as the evenings are long and sunset is late. I need to stop coming home from work and saying it is too hot to ride. If it IS really hot I don’t have to push my horse to the max, but I can at least put in a little schooling session or go for a relaxing trail ride. Self, you are not made of butter, you will not melt.

3.       “Shows are expensive.” I’ve barely shown in the last couple years. I’ve practiced and schooled at home to the level to be able to show, but I’ve barely gone out. This year it’s time to stop putting off shows. I tend to use the excuse that they are expensive. True, diesel fuel to haul there costs money, plus entry fees, etc. But I know it’s what I want to do deep down and for some reason I just keep telling myself I should not. Time to say, “We are showing this summer.” I don’t spend money on nails, fancy designer clothes, jewelry, and vacations, so my treat to myself is going to be showing this year. Just to have fun and enjoy the experience!

4.       “We’re just not ready.” Famous words of mine. This also is another excuse that puts off me showing. We go to a schooling show and at the end I’ll say, “My horse did well, but we just aren’t ready for a bigger show.” Well, self, you are never going to get there if you don’t start trying.

5.       “My horse was/is having an off day.” Now, this does happen sometimes, but this year I’m not going to be so quick to throw this excuse out there. It is easy to assume our horse is having an off day when things do not happen up to par. Before I let this this excuse out for an off ride or issues at a show I’m going to reflect on my contributions–what actually caused our poor performance?  I’m sure when I have an off day my horse does not go back to the pasture and tell everyone; rather, he lets it go and has forgotten all about it by our next ride. I should do the same.

Let us know if you have an excuse you are ready to drop and get things done!


About Karlie: I am from Alberta, Canada and live on a farm with my equine crew (a Paint, QHx Arab, and two OTTBs). I mainly do English and jumping, but also enjoy western and trail riding. I love riding, training, learning about Equine Science related topics, and having a great time with my horses.



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